‘100% win rate’ agency ends here… The reason why it is bitter despite the imminent return to Conte

It’s nice to see the return of manager Antonio Conte, but it can be a shame to let head coach Cristian Stellini, the ‘victory fairy’, take over.안전놀이터

Stellini’s head coach is Conte’s division. He was also with Siena, Juventus and Inter Milan, and came with Conte when he took over in the 2021-22 season. He acted as substitute whenever Conte was away for disciplinary or personal reasons. Recently, coach Conte took a break from surgery to remove cholecystitis and came back as an assistant manager. Basically, he is instructed by manager Conte, but he left an impression with a good win rate every time he took on the role.

Head coach Stellini, who won 4 out of 4 matches during his time at Inter Milan, continued his good streak at Tottenham as well. In the first half of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), he took over as manager Conte, who was being sent off, and won a 2-1 victory, surprising everyone with a surprise victory in an important Manchester City match. Afterwards, coach Conte returned for a while, but lost both Leicester City and AC Milan in two consecutive matches.

Conte took a break in his home country Italy, and assistant coach Stellini, who became acting again, led the team to victory against West Ham United. Performance and results were all evaluated. We beat Chelsea 2-0. There was no problem with the frequent first goals that Conte had. In the three league games played under head coach Stellini, Tottenham won all and scored 5 goals and conceded 0 goals.

Speaking at a press conference after the match against Chelsea, assistant coach Stellini said: “Conte is in better shape than he was when he underwent surgery three weeks ago. He is involved in everything. I think the influence of the director will be great. In my judgment, I think I will return this week.”

The question came to head coach Stellini, who had risen in popularity as an acting assistant, “Do you want to be a manager?” “Becoming a head coach is a dream come true, but I am the head coach and I enjoy the job. I am confident in my job. Head coaches are able to get closer to each player in training and focus on individual improvement and training performance,” he said. The head coach has a little more responsibility and has to make difficult decisions. As the head coach, I will help the head coach make decisions,” he said, adding that he would stick to his current job.

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