17-month-old baby covers his mouth and kicks ‘Puck-Puck’… The two faces of a caregiver belonging to the ward office

A babysitter in her 50s who worked for a consignment company at the ward office was charged with abusing a 17-month-old baby, such as pushing and knocking her over.

The Women’s and Youth Division of the Daejeon Police Agency announced on the 16th that it will soon send a woman in her 50s메이저사이트, a child caretaker from a local government who abused a 17-month-old baby, to the prosecution on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act.

Mr. A, a woman in her 50s who was working as a babysitter in Dong-gu, Daejeon, was accused of abusing her 17-month-old girl with her hands or knocking her feet over 20 times from the end of December of last year to January of last year. receive

It was investigated that her crying was covered with a blanket over her child’s mouth or verbally abused for not taking a nap. When her child’s mother showed abnormal behavior, she checked her abuse on the closed circuit ( CC ) TV

installed in her house just in case, and reported it to the police .

A caregiver in her 50s who abused her 17-month-old baby. MBC press screen capture

The child’s mother said, “I never dreamed that I was that kind of person. (The front door) Every time I come in , I say, ‘My dog, my dog .

Mr. A told her child’s mother, “The pranks between the two of us, such as touching her shoulder, hurt the child because of my negligence.” “I sent a letter saying,

In the police investigation, Mr. A said, “I admit that there was an excessive side of my behavior, but I have never intentionally abused her.”

It is understood that Mr. A has now resigned and quit his job.

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