“3,304 seats, sold out in 10 minutes after opening” Proves box office power of the volleyball queen! The battle heats up once again

The box office power of the volleyball queen is really frightening.

KGC Ginseng Corporation and Heungkuk Life Insurance will have a Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Round 3 match at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 17th. In the two confrontations this season, Heungkuk Life Insurance won both victories.

Heungkuk Life Insurance matches are played with the support of many fans every game. The reason is because of the existence of Kim Yeon-kyung. Kim Yeon-kyung, who has returned from her life in the Chinese league, is helping Heungkuk Life Insurance cruising to second place by playing an active role in air defense. He started all 14 games and scored 256 points, an attack success rate of 44.83%, a receiving efficiency of 47.19%, and a digg of 3.642 per set. He is ranked 2nd in attack success rate, 6th in receiving efficiency, 7th in scoring, 9th in dig, and 10th in defense, and is listed in most indicators of offense and defense.

It is also leading the box office success of the V-League. This season’s V-League has sold out a total of four times, all of which are Heungkuk Life Insurance matches where Kim Yeon-kyung belongs. The away match against KGC Ginseng Corporation on October 29th, the away match against GS Caltex on November 10th, and the home game against Korea Expressway Corporation on November 13th attracted more than 5,000 spectators in four years, filling the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium. After that, the away game in Gimcheon on November 22 was sold out.

Doesn’t matter home or away. Wherever Kim Yeon-kyung is popular, fans move to see Kim Yeon-kyung. 토토사이트

The same goes for Gyeonggi-do on the 17th. Of course it is sold out. An official from KGC Ginseng Corporation said in a phone call with MK Sports, “The tickets were sold out within 10 minutes of opening general reservations.” Excluding free seats such as seats for the elderly, disabled seats, and press seats, 3,304 paid seats were sold in an instant.

Kim Yeon-kyung is definitely running first in the All-Star fan voting that is currently underway. It has the highest number of votes among both men and women.

On the other hand, the rankings may be off, but a fierce match between the two teams is expected again this time. If KGC Ginseng Corporation gets 3 points, it can aim for up to 4th place, and if Heungkuk Life Insurance gets 3 points, it can equalize with leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

This time, while the volleyball fans are going to play in the hot cheer, which team will take the victory.