4.3 billion won for vocal lessons…Lee Sun-hee suspected of ‘economic community’ with Hook

While singer Lee Sun-hee is under police investigation for embezzling company money, suspicions have been raised of an “economic community” with her current agency, Hook Entertainment (hereinafter Hook) CEO Kwon Jin-young.

On the 26th, Entertainment Media Dispatch reported that Hook signed a vocal training service contract with One Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as OneEnter), where Lee Sun-hee served as the CEO, and paid 4.3 billion won ($50,000) a month for about 10 years. It was said that about 4.3 billion won flowed from Hook to OneEnter in the name of teaching singing to Hook’s celebrities and trainees.

The report also claimed that Lee sent some of the money back to Hook, “acting as Kwon Jin-young’s personal pocket.”

In addition, Lee allegedly hired her sister and Kwon’s father and mother as full-time employees of OneNet and paid them a total of 900 million won in salaries and bonuses over a period of about eight years. In addition, Kwon Jin-young and his alumni allegedly took tens of millions of won in the name of planning fees for Lee Seon-hee’s performances, raising suspicions that Lee Seon-hee and Kwon Jin-young are an economic community.

In response, Lee’s legal representative, Law Firm (Yu) Plaza, said on the 26th, “We would like to clarify our position on the Dispatch’s report on Lee Seon-hee,” adding, “Lee Seon-hee has actively cooperated with the investigation메이저사이트, worked diligently on the investigation, and provided the relevant facts in detail.”

“We apologize for not being able to comment on the details of the investigation, and we hope that the police will use their judgment to clear up any misconceptions about her. We ask that you do not defame the artist with speculative content that is different from the facts.” “We will take all possible legal measures, including criminal prosecution and civil damages, against reckless reports and comments,” he added.

Earlier, on May 25, Lee was summoned to the Major Crime Investigation Division of the National Police Agency’s National Bureau of Investigation (Kooksu Bon) for a 12-hour intense investigation over embezzlement allegations. The embezzlement was reportedly discovered while investigating the Hook case, which led to an unresolved conflict with singer and actor Lee Seung Gi.

Police inquired about whether Lee falsely listed employees at OneEnter, an agency where she served as CEO, and whether she misappropriated funds, and Lee strongly denied the embezzlement allegations, stating that she was not involved in the management of OneEnter.

In this regard, Hook Entertainment said, “A police investigation was conducted in connection with a company where Ms. Lee was the CEO. Ms. Lee Sun Hee will work diligently on the investigation and will actively clarify the relevant facts.” “We ask that you do not defame the artist by disparaging her with unconfirmed contents,” the agency said in an official statement.

Lee founded One Entertainment in 2013 and served as CEO until June of last year. Lee’s daughter and Hook CEO Kwon Jin-young were listed as directors of the company, but stepped down in January 2019 and mid-last year, respectively. The company was shut down in August last year.

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