‘5 sets 25-23’ Yoo Jong-ui, Moonilgo Choi Jun-hyeok “I won’t lose as easily as this time”

“I was able to win because I worked hard with the mindset to try.”

On the 15th, Munil High School scored a set score of 3-2 (온라인카지노20-25, 25-17, 25-13, 20-25, 25- 23) won.

Munilgo, who had already recorded 3 losses earlier, was eliminated from the preliminaries, but did not give up until the end. In the 5th set, which ended at 15 points, she finished the long deuce and finished the tournament perfectly.

Choi Jun-hyeok (3rd grade, L, 174cm), who played an active role as the captain and the team’s main libero, firmly guarded the Munil High court throughout the game. He played a good role not only in receiving but also in the dig, creating chances for the team to score.

Choi Jun-hyeok, who won after a great match, said, “We worked hard with the mindset that we should try it ourselves. Don’t be greedy for the 5th set and feel so good to win thanks to Han as if you had nothing to lose.”

In the 5th set, Munil High School and Donghae Gwanghui High School continued their long game by exchanging match points. At the beginning of the set, all the timeouts were exhausted, and the players had to solve it only by themselves, but they did not give up until the end.

When Moonil High’s victory was confirmed by finishing the final score with a sub ace, the players on the court as well as the warm-up zone players jumped out and shared the joy. Looking back at that moment, “The middle blocker was outside the sub, and I begged him not to go inside the court again. It felt so good to finish with a serve score.”

He then added, “Even though I was eliminated in the preliminary round, I want to go up in a good mood and get good results in the upcoming Seoul National Sports Festival.” However, he expressed regret over his performance. “I think there is a lot of lack of dig and receive. As captain, I don’t think I’m leading my teammates well, so I want to work harder and practice more.”

Munilgo finished this tournament with 1 win and 3 losses, but they want to achieve better results in many upcoming tournaments. Finally, “We will become a team that will not lose easily like this game. When I meet a team called Moon Il-go, it is a difficult team and I want to be a difficult team to deal with.”

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