56.25% Manager Abondanza caught first “Yaki, receive and score as it is”

 The journey toward the first five stars in the women’s division was safely completed. 

On the 29th, Heungkuk Life Insurance beat Korea Expressway Corporation with a set score of 3-1 (27-25, 25-12, 23-25, 25 -18) and succeeded in suppressing the baseline.

The championship game is a total of 5 matches, and if Heungkuk Life Insurance wins the second game following this day, it will stand in an advantageous position ahead of the third game (April 2) held in Gimcheon. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is challenging to win the combined championship in four years since the 2018-19 season and break the record for the most championships in the women’s division메이저사이트, has successfully taken its first steps towards the high ground.

Heungkuk Life Insurance won the championship in the 2005-06 season, 2006-07 season, 2008-09 season, and 2018-19 season, and recorded a total of 4 wins, the current highest number of wins in the women’s division

. There were many ups and downs in the operation of the setters, but the processing ability of the twins shone. Yelena scored 32 points, the highest score of both teams, and Kim Yeon-kyung started to run wild in search of rhythm from the middle and late half and finished the game with 26 points. 

According to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO), the probability of winning the first round of the championship is 56.25%, and among the last 10 games, it has a 90% chance of winning the championship.

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Abondanza, who met again after the game, said, “Not only Kim Yeon-kyung, but also Yelena, the main player took a break for about two weeks, and Lee Won-jung took a month off and reinforced it, so I expected it to be difficult to find a rhythm right away.” It’s valuable, Kim Yeon-kyung also received more than 85% and seems to have scored at least 24 points, so I think there will be no problem if he does this.”

The team faltered for a moment in the third set and gave up the game, but from the fourth set, the team pushed the game proudly. Manager Abondanza called a timeout at the last minute. It was to awaken the concentration of the vigilant players. He confided, “I told him, ‘You have to put pressure on (to the opponent) on the serve.'” 

Even though it was late on a weekday, Samsan Gymnasium was packed with 5,400 spectators, showing off their unchanging enthusiasm for cheering. “I’m sure 6,000 people will come to the next match,” said Abondanza with a smile. 

The second leg of the women’s championship match will be held on the 31st (Fri) at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon. 

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