7 consecutive wins + 18 points’ Napoli, will the ‘Scudetto’ be confirmed early at the end of April?

The probability of winning is 98%.온라인카지노 Now, winning is not the issue, but the focus is on when the championship will be confirmed and how many points will be secured. Napoli fans want to confirm the ‘Scudetto’ against Juventus on April 23rd.

Napoli won a 2-0 win over Sassuolo in the 23rd round of Italian Serie A in the 2022-23 season held at Mapei Stadium in Sassuolo, Italy on the 18th at 4:45 am (Korean time). Napoli added 3 points to widen the gap with 2nd place Inter Milan (44 points) to 18 points, keeping first place in the league (62 points).

Aces also shined. Leading the Napoli attack were Hvitsa Kvarachhelia and Victor Osimen. Kvarachhelia scored from the half-line in the 13th minute with an amazing solo play that overcame several defenses with dribbles. In the 33rd minute of the first half, Osimen used his physical strength to overcome the defensive interference and accurately kicked the ball between the goalkeeper and the goalpost from an angle. In addition, Kim Min-jae also showed iron wall defense and contributed to Napoli’s complete scoreless victory.

With the victory, Napoli widened the gap with Inter Milan in second place to 18 points. Napoli played one more game, and if Inter Milan wins against Lecce, it will be 15 points again, but with 15 games left, Napoli is likely to win. Napoli is riding a tremendous momentum with seven consecutive league victories, and the magic number is ’10’. If they win 10 games in the next 15 games, they will win the championship on their own, and this number is expected to decrease rapidly.

The downfall of rival teams also played a part. Juventus collapsed to 10th place with a 15-point cut from Napoli’s crushing defeat and ‘accounting manipulation scandal’. AC Milan has also lost 4th place to AS Roma since mid-January without a win in 4 league games (1 draw and 3 losses). Here, Inter Milan also stagnated with a draw in the last game, bringing Napoli closer to the Scudetto.

Now, only 2% of Maradona’s glory remains. The American statistical media ‘Five Thirty Eight’ raised the odds of Napoli winning from 96% to 98%. As there is no sign of sluggishness like in previous years, it is increasingly likely that Napoli will rise to the top of the league for the first time in 33 years since the 1989-90 season.

These are Napoli fans who want an early victory confirmation. Now, there are 15 games left, and there is a prospect that the championship will be confirmed in mid-April at the earliest. It’s because Napoli’s momentum is so great, while the rival teams continue to falter. Napoli fans want to confirm the victory in the away ‘rival’ Juventus, which has been reduced to mid-table due to a point cut. Napoli and Juventus will face off on April 23 in Korea time, and Napoli fans want to enjoy the joy of confirming the championship in the home of rival club Juventus.

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