A home run is scarier than running baseball… LG 8 games no home runs → 9 games 9 home runs reversed

 Teams facing LG batters seem to have to be as careful with their long hitting power as they play baseball. The first home run of the season was the latest among 10 clubs, but after the first home run, it is tied for first place. The slugging power that caught fire did not cover the characteristics of the ballpark메이저사이트.

The LG Twins won 9-5 against Jamsil NC on the 20th. He completely brought the atmosphere with 4 points in the 7th inning, which was chased 5-2. In particular, Austin Dean’s home run, which came out as the lead batter in the inning, and Park Dong-won’s home run, which broke out in a situation where there was no runner in the first run, were big. Austin recorded two home runs in the last three games, and Park Dong-won tied for the lead in home runs with Hanhwa Chae Eun-seong and Doosan Yang Seok-hwan.

With 9 team homers, LG tied for 6th with Lotte, following Samsung (14) SSG, Doosan (12) kt, and NC (10). We need to pay attention to the pace rather than the current number of home runs. LG failed to hit a single home run in eight games after opening.

The protagonist of the first home run was Park Dong-won, as predicted by coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop. In LG, Lee Jae-won, a promising player from LG, is leaving due to a recurrence of a side injury before the opening game, and Oh Ji-hwan was also dropped from the first team on the 6th due to flank pain. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop had hopes for Park Dong-won or Kim Hyun-soo, and Park Dong-won hit a home run at Sajik Stadium on the 11th. On the 12th, Hyun-soo Kim hit his second home run.

Five homers were hit in the last six games played at Jamsil Stadium. Austin and Park Dong-won hit two side by side, and Moon Bo-kyung added one. Even the vast Jamsil outfield could not stop LG.

LG shook the plate with ‘running baseball’ at the beginning of the season, but this series did not go as intended. NC alone stopped 4 out of 10 LG stealing attempts in 3 consecutive matches from the 18th to the 20th. If you look at the first two games alone, they stopped three out of five. Rather, NC shook LG by jumping 6 times and succeeding 5 times.

Until the 20th, LG’s stealing success rate was 64.7%. Tried 51 times and failed 18 times. In addition, 9 Jurusa and 2 checkers are all league records. Instead, the long hitting power led LG to first place. The team was already ranked first in batting average, but as the home runs began to hit, it became a team that had to be careful even with long hits.

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