“A pair of these socks costs 40,000 won, does that make sense?” The popular secret that sells better because it’s expensive

“Samsung and Apple maniacs go away too.”

When it comes to brand mania, the first thing that comes to mind is Samsung and Apple mania for Galaxy and iPhone.

However, if you get to know it, you can’t compare to this brand mania. Even if it costs 100,000 won for a T-shirt or 45,000 won for a pair of socks, it is popular. They don’t make many, and there aren’t many stores, so it’s common to queue up every time you buy. Even if you openly advertise “don’t buy it,” people scramble to buy it.

Patagonia is the company that proudly took the top spot in the beloved companies survey, beating out all the major companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Amazon.Yvonne Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, is a climber, surfer and environmental activist. While he was climbing, he wondered if there would be any mountaineering equipment that would not damage the rock wall, and decided to make his own equipment. Then he started a business. Since then, the business area has expanded to outdoor goods and clothing, and the most widely known thing now is its position as an apparel brand.

First of all, this company has a different goal itself메이저사이트. Simply put, ‘environment is the purpose, business is the means’. It means to make money by making products for the earth. Can I just say that? The following is part of Patagonia’s corporate philosophy, documented in an official document.

“We started our business with the idea that all life on Earth is in crisis. All decisions of the company are made with the environmental crisis in mind. Growth and expansion are not our company values.”

Yvonne Chouinard said in his autobiography, “Making the best products is Patagonia’s raison d’être.” In fact, all companies put the best products first. If there is a difference between them, what is the best?

Patagonia uses organic raw materials for all cotton products, applies fair trade not only to production but also to distribution and sales, and sincerely jumps into developing eco-friendly materials. Encourage them to spend as little as possible and spend as long as possible.

The best values ​​he repeatedly emphasizes are ‘durability’ and ‘multifunctionality’. Products that do not need to be used for a long time and buy again. It is the best product he says.

Already in this era, consumption is accustomed to ‘planned obsolescence ( management activities that intentionally make existing products obsolete to induce new consumption). It is natural to buy a new smartphone every two years, and in the frenzy of fashion, even a good product soon feels tacky.

Patagonia criticizes this head-on. They argue that products should be made so that they can be used for a longer period of time and in a variety of ways.

Patagonia is expensive. Organic materials are more expensive than other materials, and fair trade costs are fully reflected. More than 1% of sales are donated to environmental movements under the name of ‘Global Tax’. Develop long-wearing, easy-to-clean materials and timeless designs. So clothes are expensive. Instead, it can be worn for a long time.

Patagonia also promotes repairs extensively. Instead of buying new clothes, mend them and wear them for a long time. Rose Macario , CEO of Patagonia, said, “As a consumer, the best thing you can do is to make things last longer.” Suseon is a radical environmental movement.”

An advertisement titled ‘ Don’t Buy This Jacket ‘ came out in the same context. It contains Patagonia’s philosophy of not buying a new product, but wearing it for a long time and repairing it.

Patagonia was the most preferred brand by American consumers in a recent brand survey conducted by Harris Poll, an American polling agency. Costco came in second, and John Deere came in third. Among Korean companies, Samsung (7th) and LG (18th) were in the list. Toyota also ranked 6th. Apple and Google ranked 10th and 35th, respectively.

Chouinard has given all of his current stake to founding foundations and nonprofits. It is up to 4 trillion won. It is literally giving back to society as a whole. He said in an open letter at the time:

“Earth is now our only shareholder in Patagonia .”

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