‘Already 148km bang bang’ Kwak Bin, “I want to play half of Park Chan-ho, uniform number 61”

Kwak Bin (Doosan), pitcher of the Korean national baseball team, showed good condition in his first actual appearance.

The national team participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) recorded a practice game against the KIA Tigers held at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona on the 20th (Korean time), striking out 2 runs in 1 inning. 안전놀이터The national team defeated KIA 12-6 and won two practice games in a row.

Kwak Bin took the mound as the third pitcher for the national team in the third inning and grounded Hwang Dae-in to third baseman, Kim Seok-hwan to second baseman grounder, and Ryu Ji-hyeok to left field foul fly. As the game was played based on the number of pitches instead of the 3-out innings system, Kwak Bin faced two more batters. He struck out Byun Woo-hyeok and Han Seung-taek with consecutive misses. His highest fastball speed was 148 km.

Currently, the biggest concern for national team coach Lee Kang-cheol is the condition of the pitchers. After the game that day, coach Lee said, “As in the first game, the condition of the fielders is well maintained, but (the pitcher) understands because it is the first game, but I see players who are slower than expected. I think I will have to watch the next game more.”

If the overall condition of the pitchers is slow, the presence of Kwak Bin, who improved his condition first, will inevitably grow. There is a high possibility that coach Lee will use Kwak Bin as a medium in the actual game.

Kwak Bin met with reporters after the game and said, “It was my first appearance this year, and I was very satisfied. My speed was up to 148km.

Regarding the quick improvement in his condition, he replied, “I started playing catch at the end of January because my arms were not good for the past two years, but this year I started playing catch at the end of December for the tournament and it seems to have come up well.”

The national team is a great opportunity for Kwak Bin to change his routine. Kwak Bin, who joined the first adult national team, said, “I want to get close to all the players. I enjoy playing baseball with people who are good at baseball, so every day is fun. In fact, I didn’t want to be cocky until the national team was confirmed, but I was grateful that they acknowledged it.”

Kwak Bin continued, “He wore the number 61, and I remember seeing senior Park Chan-ho throw at the WBC in 2006. I will be half as good as Park Chan-ho.” Park Chan-ho pitched well in the 2006 WBC with 3 saves and 10 scoreless innings in 4 games. Gwak Bin’s 5 scoreless innings can make the back of the national team very strong.

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