Angels sign Giolito + Lopez, real courtship for Ohtani has begun

The Los Angeles Angels have made it official that Shohei Ohtani (29) will not be traded. The starting lineup has also been strengthened to advance to the postseason (PS).

The biggest issue on the major league (MLB) trade deadline approaching on the 2nd of next month (Korean time) was Ohtani’s move. Contender teams showed interest in Ohtani, who is showing league-class performances as a pitcher and hitter.바카라

The current team, the Angels, had to make a decision. If it is difficult to advance into PS, we cannot guarantee to accompany Ohtani. Ohtani will qualify as a free agent (FA) after the 2023 season ends. Negotiating long-term contracts is also difficult. It is expected that an unprecedented big deal will be concluded. There was also a voice saying that using Ohtani as a trade card and reinforcing 4-5 promising players is to take care of the truth.

In this situation, ‘Sports Illustrated (SI)’ reported on the 27th (Korean time) that “The Angels are aiming to advance to the PS without trading Ohtani.” In addition, he said that the Angels would reinforce their power as a ‘buyer’.

The Angels’ recruitment move that immediately followed added strength to this report. The Chicago White Sox traded prospects Kai Busch and Edgar Cero, while Class A starting pitcher Lucas Giolito and setup man Reynaldo acquired Lopert. As of the 27th, the White Sox recorded 41 wins and 62 losses, and the advance to the PS was virtually eliminated. Giolito, who won a total of 56 wins in 8 seasons, will be eligible for free agency after this season.

The Angels have a record of 52 wins and 49 losses, and are in third place in the American League (AL) West. The wild card ranking is 6th. The third place, the last line to enter fall baseball, is the Toronto Blue Jays, who recorded 57 wins and 46 losses. The ride is 4 games.

The Angels’ move seems to be an appeal to accompany Ohtani. A situation where any team or astronomical amount of money must be prepared. A ‘financial offensive’ from big market clubs is expected, but the Angels are a team that can negotiate first ‘informally’. Considering the marketing effect, Ohtani is a player to catch.

In the end, the Angels chose Win-Now. It is difficult to see it as a choice only for the 2023 season performance right now.

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