Are Free Betting Systems As Good As They Sound?

There are many types of free betting systems out there – from the punter who has developed what they believe to be a fool-proof tipping system to the person that has designed one that compares odds from 토토 different bookmakers to lock in a guaranteed profit.

Tipping services often involve people looking at trends in sporting results and conditions on the day to basically guess an outcome. These for me are systems that should be avoided completely. There is no way that a sporting event can be predicted based on past experiences with any certainty. It’s true that patterns can emerge with one team always seeming to beat another for example, or for horses to prefer certain conditions, but too many other aspects can affect results to make these 100% certain.

Since the introduction of trading websites such as Betfair or Betdaq the opportunity to create betting systems related to differences in odds has increased. These are similar to the Sports Arbitrage systems that appeared some years ago that look at odds between two bookmakers (or more) and look to lock in profit before the match takes place. The difference between the Arbs systems and trading systems are that there is much more of a chance to take advantage of the trading services. Arbs opportunities only appear for a short time traditionally, whilst trading systems can be used to back and lay different sporting events throughout the game or be used to lock in guaranteed profit before the event if preferred.

Ultimately if someone is advertising a free betting system then they’ll be doing so for one of two reasons. The first reason is that they are trying to attract the betting party as a customer. i.e. they will request an e-mail address and will send on sales text for paid systems once the free system has been downloaded. The free system is a loss leader in that case. The second reason is that the person providing the system would like the person downloading it to click on the links they provide. If the punter then opens the account connected to the link then they will gain a percentage of any money that the person loses in the future as an ‘affiliate’. A bookie will for example offer around 30% of any losses that a punter provides so as to gain as many customers as possible (and meaning they get very cheap advertising after simply providing marketing materials for the affiliates).

Neither of the tactics above should be looked down upon if the system is sound and actually provides a return in profits!

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