“Beep” with your hand instead of a card…Beijing’s subway introduces ‘palm payment’

The city of Beijing, China, is piloting “palm payment” on some of its subway lines. Instead of using a card or smartphone, riders will scan their palm to pay for their fare.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission introduced the system on the Daxing Airport Line, which connects to Beijing Daxing International Airport, on Nov. 21, allowing passengers to get on, off, and pay for fares by placing their palm on a circular recognition device at the ticket gate.

Users can enter their palm information into ticket vending machines at train stations and link it with the “palm payment” feature of WeChat (微信-China’s version of KakaoTalk), an e-payment and mobile messaging application메이저사이트.

Tencent Holdings, the company behind WeChat Pay, explained that palm recognition (Palm Pay) has the advantage of being more accurate than facial recognition and more difficult to clone or leak than fingerprint recognition.

In the case of fingerprint recognition, the device reads the pattern on the epidermis of the finger, but palm recognition recognizes the long fingerprint and the blood vessels in the center of the palm, so it is recognized by simply placing the palm near the device without contact.

Tencent said it plans to gradually expand Palm Pay for use in a variety of environments, including offices, campuses, retail stores and restaurants.

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