BNK’s special operation, Changwon Gymnasium as home court in one day

 Busan BNK will work all night on the 17th to change the Changwon Gymnasium to its home court.

BNK, which was founded ahead of the 2019-2020 season, has chosen Busan as its hometown. BNK,안전놀이터 a financial group, has Busan Bank and Kyongnam Bank as subsidiaries. One of the meanings of BNK is Busan and Gyeongnam.

Since its inception, BNK has tried to hold games not only in Busan but also in Gyeongnam. In fact, on January 17, 2020 (vs. Shinhan Bank) and 20 (vs. KB), we had two matches at Masan Gymnasium.

I tried to play the game in Jinju, where men’s and women’s professional basketball had never been held before, but the actual game could not be held due to Corona 19 and various conditions.

BNK will have a match at Changwon Gymnasium and Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium, where men’s professional basketball is held. On the 19th, they will play against Shinhan Bank in Incheon in Changwon and Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin in Ulsan on the 24th. For reference, Ulsan even scheduled a game, but it was canceled due to Corona 19.

Since it is a gym where men’s professional basketball is played, there is no major difficulty in conducting games such as the basketball hoop. When the Masan game was held, the basketball hoop was old and was brought from Busan.

However, in Changwon, on the 17th, a confrontation was held between Changwon LG and Goyang Carrot. There are only two days left until the game on the 19th.

Moreover, considering that both BNK and Shinhan Bank have to practice adapting to the court the day before the match, it seems that there is not enough time to change the Changwon Gymnasium, which is plastered in LG colors, to be like BNK’s home court.

In a phone call on the 16th, BNK Secretary-General Jung Sang-ho said, “The period is tight, but the decorations on the court are made like an all-star game because only one game is played. After the game in Changwon, we plan to work all night. There aren’t many device decorations. We only need to wear what we need to wear. A day and a half of preparation time is fine,” he said. You need to varnish the coat and set it right again. I need more time after the game,” he said, saying there would be no difficulty in preparing for the game.

In fact, after the men’s professional basketball game was over in Changwon on the 17th, the work of installing the device decorations began right away.

BNK has confirmed their advance to the playoffs, but they are fighting for second place. Playing in Changwon and Ulsan is probably a home game like an away game, so it is disadvantageous for BNK.

Secretary General Jung Sang-ho said, “The date is the time to fight for rankings at the end of the season. Due to the KBL game schedule, there was time to play only during this period. Moreover, in Ulsan, even the National Sports Festival was held last year, and home games were concentrated in the front, so there was time to play only during this period.”

It can give a different kind of fun to women’s professional basketball in a place where men’s professional basketball is held.

Secretary General Jeong Sang-ho said, “We are proceeding because we have the will to play for Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam. It is also to let people know that there is BNK Kyongnam Bank in Gyeongnam. It is necessary to publicize Kyongnam Bank’s position,” he said. “We will continue to do so in the future.”

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