Celtic’ Oh Hyun-gyu, joining press conference… “He really wanted me”

Oh Hyun-gyu (22), who has achieved his dream of advancing to Europe, expressed his feelings about joining Celtic, a prestigious club in Scotland.

Oh Hyun-gyu said at an official press conference held on the 27th (Korean time), “This is a club I really wanted to come to. I thought that if I came here, it would be the moment my dream comes true.”

Oh Hyeon-kyu, who played for Suwon Samsung in the K-League 1, signed a five-year contract with Celtic on the 25th. It is his first European entry. 메이저사이트

Oh Hyun-gyu said, “I thought that if I did well in Suwon, Celtic would show interest. It wasn’t easy for him to come this far, but it’s like a dream to play in a Celtic uniform.”

Celtic sent a love call to Oh Hyun-gyu before the opening of the Qatar World Cup last year. Even after Oh Hyun-gyu was banned from playing, Celtic’s interest did not cool down. It is known that Celtic sent love calls a total of 4-5 times.

Celtic is where Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Du-ri played in the past. Earlier, “(Ki Sung-yong and Cha Doo-ri) are people I have always admired. Oh Hyun-kyu, who said, “I have dreamed of watching the players play at Celtic since I was young,” said Oh Hyun-gyu, “I knew that coach (Angie Postecoglu) and Celtic really wanted me. He could have wanted another player if the negotiation time was longer, but he continued to want me.”

Oh Hyun-kyu, who debuted in Suwon in 2019, served in the military at Gimcheon Sangmu from 2020 to 2021. After he was discharged, he returned to Suwon and stood tall as a fixer from last year. He scored 13 goals, the most in his team, in 36 K-League 1 matches. Also, in the second leg of the promotion playoff against FC Anyang, he led Suwon to remain in the 1st division with a goal that was like gold.

Oh Hyun-gyu said, “Celtic is a very leading team. When the ball is put into the penalty box and used, I will preoccupy a good position and score a lot of points.”

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