“Chairman’s abuse of power and even breakup of marriage”… The explanation that the victim rang twice

The chairman of a district council in Incheon is on the chopping block for being abusive to an attendant.

The attendant revealed that the marriage was broken up due to the chairman’s unreasonable work instructions.

The chairman apologized belatedly, but it became a bigger controversy.

This is reporter Han Woong-hee.


Mr. A, a driving civil servant belonging to Incheon Seo-gu Council.

When the new chairman took office in July of last year, the nightmare of Mr. A, who was an attendant, began.

He contacted us late at night and had to wait in front of the chairman’s house many times because of frequent schedule changes.

Mr. A revealed that “the chairman sometimes used a public car even for personal occasions, acting like a taxi driver or a substitute driver.”

Mr. A said that he eventually broke up with his prospective bride whom he met for six years and was even diagnosed with adjustment disorder due to stress.

<Mr. A (Voice Modified)> “In the case of the current chairman, you can’t predict where you’re going even an hour ago. I thought this was worse than being a taxi driver.”

The chairman said in a press release the day after Mr. A’s disclosure that he had a sincere interview and apologized, saying, “There was 스포츠토토a lack of communication in the process of actively promoting legislative activities.”

However, Mr. A insisted, “I felt it was for a press release, such as recording and reading the prepared phrase at a place where many people gathered together.”

<Mr. A (Voice Modified)> “As I went out with a good agreement, I saw things that were so different from my heart, I couldn’t breathe, and I think I had a lot of anxiety.”

On the anonymous bulletin board of Seo-gu Office officials, articles criticizing the chairman and the council were poured out claiming ‘damage by force’.

The Western Council explained, “It was not a place to make a press release and there was no forced part,” and “If Mr. A did not want to, the material would not have been distributed.”

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