‘Challenge + Silly Mount’ FC Seoul Iksu Ball re-challenge… ‘Sacrifice and dedication’

The theme of this season is ‘sacrifice and dedication’. The same goes for visiting the National Seoul Honor Center in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on the 6th before leaving for Thailand. In a recent meeting with a reporter, coach Ahn Ik-soo said, “I thought I should express my gratitude to the young soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the country as a professional player loved by the public. He also included the intention of reflecting deeply on the sacrifices and dedication we must aim for this year.” 헤라카지노도메인

Coach Ahn’s football, which was described as ‘Iksuball’ last season, showed its own color, but it was somewhat far from the desired result. Coach Ahn, who always emphasizes the ‘capital Seoul premium’, constantly played challenging soccer with the topic of rear build-up. In the total number of passes in the 2022 season, it was 20,923, ranking first among 12 teams. However, even in the hot process, it was ’empty-handed’. At the end of the season, he reached the final of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup, but unfortunately finished runner-up.

One year and six months have passed since I set sail on the An Ik-su. The 2023 season should produce meaningful results. Director Ahn’s career as a leader, as well as Seoul, which has been calling for the reconstruction of a prestigious family for several years, are also desperate. Some advise that a bold change should be made to the color of the build-up placed ‘between the ideal and reality’. It means that we have to play practical football in the game, even if it is not up to the ‘suffocating defense’ that coach Ahn showed during his past Busan I-Park command tower. In fact, last year coach Ahn used a strong net defensive tactic that he was most used to getting results on his own. The 2023 season is dominated by the expectation that it will be a football that combines challenge and practicality.

However, what should take precedence over excellent tactics and strategies is the responsibility of the coaches and players. The foundation is sacrifice and dedication. This is the reason coach Ahn shouts like a habit before winter training. He is emphasizing more united teamwork with captain Na Sang-ho at the center. Veteran players such as Ki Sung-yueng and “one-club man” Ko Yo-han, who recently re-signed with Seoul, are also taking the lead by joining Hua Hin. Not only ‘transfer students’ such as Park Soo-il, Lee Si-young, Im Sang-hyeop, and Kim Kyung-min, but also Kwon Kyung-won and Willian’s two ‘rental students’ are promising success at the big club Seoul.

The one who has not yet participated in the training is the new foreigner, Hossam Ayesh, the Syrian representative. Born in Sweden and with dual citizenship, he was unable to board the plane to Thailand due to visa issues, but he recently completed all the procedures. According to a Seoul official, Ho Sam will return to Korea within this week, train in Korea, and then join Kagoshima, Japan, the team’s second winter training camp next month.

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