Coming to Cannes… and Jenny’s ‘half-assed’ efforts

Jenny is the talk of the town at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Jenny메이저사이트, a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, came to the festival as “The Idol” in the non-competitive category. There were many fans chanting Jenny’s name in front of the Lumiere Theater, where the official screening was held on the afternoon of the 22nd (local time). However, Jenny’s visit to Cannes left some questions and disappointments.

Jenny came to Cannes and participated only in the official screening and photocall event (for photographers). The official press conference was held separately on the afternoon of the 23rd, but she did not appear at this event. She did not give individual interviews to domestic and foreign reporters. In other words, she was not fully active in Cannes.

“The Idol” is an American broadcast HBO drama with idols as the main characters. It stars a number of famous American singers, including The Weeknd, Susannah Thorne, and Moses Sumney. It also stars Lily-Rose Depp, an up-and-coming actress. It’s interesting to see so many celebrities involved in the American entertainment industry.

The screening of “The Idol” can be described as unconventional. It’s not often that the Cannes Film Festival, which prides itself on being the “guardian of world cinema,” selects a drama to screen. Since 2018, the festival has been holding a side event for dramas every April called the Cannes International Series Festival. There’s no reason to invite a drama to the festival. “The Idol” seems to be a “box office product” that the festival has prepared ambitiously. It seems that the festival intends to utilize the star-studded cast of “The Idol” to catch the public’s attention.

Jenny walks the red carpet prior to the official screening of “The Idol” at the Lumiere Grand Theater in Cannes, France, on Sunday afternoon. Cannes=AFP News

The intentions of the Cannes Film Festival seem to have succeeded to some extent, judging by the press conferences alone. On the afternoon of the 23rd, the third floor of the Palais des Festivals, the festival’s main venue, was jam-packed with journalists to the point where it was hard to get past. The official screenings were hard to find an empty seat and generated quite a buzz afterward.

Prior to the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, Jenny heralded a flurry of activity and provided journalists with the contact information of her agency, YG Entertainment’s local public relations agency. This meant that media outlets who wanted to interview Jenny should go through the agency. However, the agency responded to journalists’ inquiries with silence, unlike other agencies that responded immediately with a yes or no answer. A day before the press conference, Jenny was told she couldn’t make it.

It was understandable that Jenny was nervous about meeting local and international reporters. Jenny doesn’t have a lot of screen time on “The Idol,” so it’s understandable that she would be hesitant to go out in front and do publicity. It’s also possible that the rumors about her relationship with BTS’s Bieber had an impact. On April 18, photos of Jenny and an alleged V date in Paris, France, surfaced and garnered public attention. Their agencies have not commented on the story. V arrived in Cannes on the 22nd to attend the Cannes Film Festival, and it was probably difficult for him to face the press in the midst of all the speculation.

Still, it’s disappointing. The Cannes Film Festival is one of the entertainment industry’s biggest showcase events. As someone who is just starting out in her acting career, it seems like she didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to showcase her work and reveal her aspirations as an actress.

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