“Dad, why did you do that?” The story of a well-known American study abroad accountant who quit his job

Daughter’s stupid father doesn’t know how to give up.”

When a child is sick, the parent’s heart breaks. Find all ways you can. If you find a solution with every effort… . There could be nothing more pleasing to parents than this.

Lee Sang-hoon, CEO of Billyco, saw his three-year-old daughter struggling to sleep at night due to severe atopy, and decided to make a moisturizer for her daughter. He has come a long way from manufacturing cosmetics, but his only thought was to make a good moisturizer. I didn’t even think about cost or margins. This is how ‘ Dear Lauren ‘

was born . Lauren is the English name of Lee’s daughter. CEO Lee was originally an American certified public accountant who majored in accounting in the United States, completed an MBA at Seoul National University, and worked for Mizuho Financial Group and KPMG . While working on mergers and acquisitions ( M&A ) in the investment team of a large domestic pharmaceutical company, he moved to one of the companies to be acquired. And here, he met a developer with world-class drug delivery technology ( DDS ) and founded Vilico in 2016. Vilico originally planned to develop anesthetics or anticancer drugs with drug delivery technology. The competition was fierce and the preparation process took a long time.

In the meantime, CEO Lee needed a moisturizer for her daughter’s atopy. “There were no moisturizers she hadn’t tried for her daughter, but she didn’t like any of them,” he said.

As much as he makes moisturizers for his daughter, he doesn’t think about the cost of ingredients. He said that he only thought of making a good product unconditionally. Perhaps because of his earnestness, product development was completed in one month.

CEO Lee applied it directly to his daughter. However, the effect was noticeably better than expected.

Representative Lee said, “After seeing the effect on my daughter, I gave it to my nephew who suffered from atopy.”

Thus, Dear Lauren was born. The reason why Dear Loren shows such a good effect is because of Billico’s core technology스포츠토토, ‘Smart Nano Vehicle ( SNV )’. This technology micronizes active ingredients to 1/500 the size of pores and encapsulates them first to protect them from moisture and foreign substances. It is then encapsulated with vitamin E (tocopherol) to release a strong antioxidant effect. And the third capsule strongly protects the ingredients from light and heat.

CEO Lee said, “Vilico’s drug delivery technology is a technology that processes raw ingredients to preserve their inherent efficacy from external environments such as light, heat, and air, and a technology that allows cosmetics to be accurately delivered to the skin when applied to the skin. , can be seen in two ways,” he explained.

It means that the ingredients of good ingredients penetrate into the skin without deterioration and produce an effect.

Thanks to this product power, Dear Lauren

Billico received joint marketing offers from major domestic cosmetics companies, but all of them were rejected.

Representative Lee said, “I had meetings with many vendors, but I couldn’t readily partner with them because they focused only on the commercial aspect of the brand rather than sincerity.” I needed a partner who could give,” he said.

At Home, a home life solution company, was the place to be together. Athome has been in charge of domestic distribution and sales of Dear Loren since January.

Billico is currently pursuing the establishment of a US subsidiary. Originally, it focused on the Chinese market, but when the Chinese business became uncertain due to the corona, it decided to enter the largest market, the United States.

CEO Lee said, “As the name of my daughter is included in the brand name, I hope it will be a product that can help all children suffering from atopy with the heart of a father, not the heart of an entrepreneur.”

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