‘Did you give 200 billion for this’… ‘The Dilemma’ Beckham

David Beckham fell into a ‘dilemma’.

Beckham is currently serving as an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, there is a strong public opinion against him. This is because Beckham, including migrant workers, women and sexual minorities, is keeping his mouth shut about human rights issues in Qatar. Many human rights groups are voicing their critical voices towards Beckham.

Australian football hero Craig Foster, who has also recently served as a human rights ambassador, criticized Beckham, saying, “Beckham’s image has been irreparably damaged. He is telling a story contrary to everything Beckham has told in the past 20 years.”

And Beckham is also under criticism from the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee. Qatar paid a whopping $150 million (about 196.5 billion won) to appoint Beckham as a public relations ambassador.

However, despite receiving a large sum of money, it was pointed out that Beckham did not play the role of a public relations ambassador properly. It was also revealed that he rather tried to reduce the role of public relations ambassador. It is analyzed that he felt the burden of being silent on human rights issues. 토토사이트

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported, “A Qatar World Cup PR ambassador worth about 200 billion won frustrated the Qatar World Cup organizing committee by refusing to talk to the media.”

The media then emphasized, “The events in which Beckham tried to reduce public interest in the World Cup ambassador in Qatar during the World Cup were captured. The day will come when he will be asked why he spent 200 billion won while appointing Beckham as the World Cup ambassador in Qatar.” did.