Director Kim Sang-sik’s confidence “If we do it normally, we can win”

Kim Sang-sik, manager of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, showed strong confidence against the Taipei Fubon Braves, the first opponent of the 2023 East Asian Super League (EASL).안전놀이터

After completing the first training session at Brex Sub Arena in Utsunomiya, Japan on the 28th, coach Kim said, “I couldn’t rest after the game (on the 26th) and started early in the morning.” I am mainly focusing on conditioning,” he said.

In a short game, the first game is important. On March 1st, KGC will have their first group stage match against Taiwan’s Taipei Fubon Braves. The KGC coaching staff analyzed the opponent’s power in detail early on. “This is a good team,” said Kim. The two foreign players are of a high standard, and overall their fighting skills are good. Although he was wary, saying, “We play games based on individual abilities and breakthroughs rather than specific patterns,” he showed strong confidence, saying, “If we do it normally, we are likely to win.”

Coach Kim also revealed some parts of the game operation. Coach Kim said, “I will strengthen the rotation. I plan to use a lot of Six Men. “We will reduce the playing time of Oh Se-geun, Moon Seong-gon, and Byun Jun-hyung by 5 minutes, or at most 7-8 minutes, and increase the use of Jeong Jun-won, Bae Byung-jun, Yang Hee-jong, Han Seung-hee, and Park Ji-hoon.” He continued, “The opponent will not be able to properly analyze the power of the sixth man. There are parts that are caught off guard, and we have a plan to play by maintaining the vitality while controlling the stamina of the key players. Although he is called a sixth man, Yang Hee-jong is a veteran player, and the skills of Jung Joon-won, Bae Byung-joon, Han Seung-hee, and Park Ji-hoon are not easy.”

One of the variables of this tournament is that two foreign players can play at the same time. Director Kim also prepared for this. He said, “First of all, Daryl Monroe and Omari Spellman start. Depending on the situation, Oh Se-geun can be added. Since Monroe’s ability to read the game and perform tactics are good, I plan to use Spellman and Hi-Lo games as well. If Spellman falls under the goal after receiving the screen, it is possible to attack Spellman under the goal by using Monroe’s passing ability.” Regarding the ‘triple post’, which was also put in by Oh Se-geun, “The triple post is a very tricky tactic. It can narrow the space and weaken the transition, so it cannot be used carelessly. Depending on the situation, it will be in the form of an experiment once or twice.”

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