Even if KT leaves, ‘loyalty’… Despine helps Koh Young-pyo and So Hyeong-jun in January training

Audrey Samer Despine (35) could not renew the contract with KT next year. He left the team he was with for 3 years. But he is still the brother of loyalty. He became an overseas training helper for his beloved ‘junior’, KT’s native One-Two Punch.

Ko Young-pyo (31) and So-jun So (21, KT) are preparing for personal training in the United States in January. Before the spring camp, which will begin in Tucson, Arizona, USA in February, I plan to leave the country at the end of the year and build up my body for four weeks.

The location is Miami, Florida, USA. This is where Despine lives. Young-pyo Ko and Joon So-joon decided to train together at Despine’s training center and stay at Despine’s house during this time.

Most of the players want to go abroad for individual training before the camp, but they do not know how to prepare for training programs or accommodations. Go Young-pyo and So Joon So-jun, who are the first to do overseas individual training, received great help from Despine. Des Paine introduced his off-season training location and trainer, inviting him to his house during his training period and offering accommodation for free.

The promise we made during the conversation midway through the season became a reality.

Koh Young-pyo said, “I have a desire to increase the speed a little. He once asked foreign pitchers what kind of sports they do in winter. At first, he said that he had to be born, and Despine said that when he was young, his restraints were not as good as they are now, but after working out at the training center he is attending now, he said that he had changed and asked if he would like to come.” After discussing it, they said that they could go together, so they planned it from then on.”

Despine debuted in the KBO League in 2020 when he joined KT. The first year with Despine, KT went to the postseason for the first time since its foundation, and last year even won the championship. Hyoja was a foreign pitcher. Despine, who quickly adapted to the league with a bright personality, gave a lot of advice to domestic pitchers as a ‘senior’ on the mound, especially at KT, where there are many young pitchers. He is close with Ko Yeong-pyo, who always asks and learns from foreign pitchers. 토토

Despine could not renew the contract at the end of this season. He ended his three-year partnership with KT. However, there is no change in the promise with his younger brothers.

Koh Young-pyo said, “When I first heard about it, I asked what I would do if I didn’t renew my contract, and I said, ‘I always work out there anyway, so it doesn’t matter. ‘Come,’ he said. Even after that, until recently, we got worried one by one and kept asking.” “It seems like we live in a mansion with a tennis court and swimming pool. He laughed, saying, “There are many rooms, so come and sleep, and I got permission from his wife.”

Koh Young-pyo and Sohn Joon-jun went through counseling by exchanging the goals of local training and pitching records this season with the local trainer of Despine. Samsung pitcher Won Tae-in, who is friendly with Koh Young-pyo and Sohn Joon-jun, will also join the US training with Despine.

Koh Young-pyo said, “If we were alone, we would not have dared to spend a month in the United States, but Despine decided to be with us, so it becomes our will. It’s not easy, but I’m really grateful,” he said. “I promised to meet you at the airport on the day of arrival.”

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