Explosion ‘bang’ in Moscow, hit by drone… “Ukraine is behind it”

Russia has accused Ukraine of being behind a


drone attack on its capital, Moscow. The attack on the Russian mainland has increased tensions in the region.

On March 30 (local time), the Russian Defense Ministry said in a Telegram that Ukraine had carried out a “terrorist attack” using drones, according to the BBC and other foreign media. At least eight drones were used in the attack, the ministry said, adding that “three of them lost control and went off target due to electronic warfare, and the remaining five were shot down by Moscow’s surface-to-air missile systems.”

No one was reportedly seriously injured in the incident. “This morning’s drone strike caused minor damage to several Moscow houses,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said, adding that two people at the scene requested medical assistance but did not need to be taken to hospital.

Earlier, local Russian media reported that at least 25 drones were used in the attack. Officials said several of them were shot down and crashed into buildings.

Videos were shared on social media, including Twitter, showing gray smoke rising into the sky over Moscow this morning. Loud explosions were reportedly heard in parts of Moscow.

The BBC said its Moscow correspondent also heard the explosion, noting that the incident could raise anxiety among Russians who have long viewed the war in Ukraine as a distant memory.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian Presidential Office Advisor Mikhail Podolyak denied that Ukraine was directly involved in the attack on Moscow, but said he was “happy to see this” and that there would be more to come.

The attacks come ahead of Ukraine’s spring offensive. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has hinted that a counteroffensive is imminent, saying “the timing has been decided,” though he did not specify when.

The international community is nervously awaiting the escalation. Previously, Russia launched its largest air strike on the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in 28 days, dropping more than 100 drones and missiles on the city as it celebrated its founding anniversary (Kiev Day).

Russia has also accused Ukraine of being behind the shelling of Belgorod Oblast near the Ukrainian border on April 22 and a drone strike over the Kremlin earlier this month.

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