‘FA Jackpot’ Yang Hong-seok leaves KT and goes to LG… Contract period 5 years – 750 million won in compensation

Yang Hong-seok (26, 195cm), one of the largest free agent players, hits the jackpot and heads to LG.

According to multiple basketball officials on the 18th, it is known that Yang Hong-seok, who obtained FA qualification, left Suwon KT and confirmed the transfer to Changwon LG. His contract is for 5 years메이저사이트, with a salary of 750 million won.

Yang Hong-seok, who joined KT in the 1st round and 2nd place in the KBL rookie draft through early entry in 2017, is one of the forwards representing Korean basketball. He has excellent scoring ability and excellent rebounding ability. His career record averaged 29 minutes and 2 seconds in 298 regular league games, 12.2 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2.0 assists. He has been selected in the Best 5 for the 2018-2019 season and the 2020-2021 season.

Yang Hong-seok, who obtained the FA qualification for the first time in his career this year, was selected as one of the big three forwards along with Choi Jun-yong and Moon Seong-gon. In fact, it is known that not only the original team KT, but also multiple clubs sent love calls to him. Yang Hong-seok’s final choice was LG, who had been courting him most actively since the FA market posting date.

LG is a team that had a weakness in the forward position a few seasons ago. However, by actively investing in Yang Hong-seok, a tall forward with offensive power, all worries were blown away. If Yang Hong-seok demonstrates good synergy with existing members such as Lee Jae-do and Lee Kwan-hee, it is expected that he will be able to look at a higher place in the new season.

Yang Hong-seok, who hit the FA jackpot and started his second basketball career at LG. Will he be able to show his true worth and live up to his team’s expectations? This is why we should pay attention to LG and Yang Hong-seok in the upcoming season.

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