FAA computer error halts flight takeoffs across the U.S.

Aircraft take-off across the United States was completely suspended on the morning of the 11th (local time) and resumed in about 3 hours. It was due to a malfunction in the computer information system of the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ). There is no evidence of a cyberattack. 온라인바카라

According to CNN , Associated Press, etc. , the FAA issued an order to suspend all domestic flights until 9:00 am on the same day. This is due to an error in NOTAM , a system that provides information that pilots must grasp before takeoff . Earlier, around 6 a.m., departures for domestic flights began to be delayed.

“We are still working to fully restore the Notam system,” the FAA said in an initial statement. “Some systems have been restored but are still limited in functionality.”

The outbreak delayed more than 21,000 flights across the United States and affected 1,840 international flights into the United States, according to the Associated Press. However, there was no problem with the landing of the flight that had already taken off and was moving.

President Joe Biden explained, “The aircraft will not take off right now, but it can still land safely.” However, he added, “I just spoke with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and they don’t know what the cause is.” When asked if it was a cyber attack, President Biden said, “They don’t know. They will find out.”

The White House said that President Biden instructed the Department of Transportation to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the accident. The White House also said that no evidence of a cyberattack has yet been found.

Air traffic began normalizing at 9:00 a.m. from Atlanta, Georgia, and Newark, New Jersey airports. The FAA said normal air operations had resumed and that the cause of the problem was under investigation.

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