Fantastic battery reunion… “I have a lot of reliance because I have a strong senior.”

 Dinos pitcher Koo Chang-mo was selected for the first time in the official adult national team at the World Baseball Classic (WBC).안전놀이터

Koo Chang-mo, who joined the NC 2nd round in 2015, has a history of boarding the APBC national team in 2017, in which players under the age of 24 participate, but this is his first experience with the official adult national team. On the 15th (Korean time), Koo Chang-mo, along with teammates Lee Yong-chan and Park Gun-woo, joined the Arizona national team’s accommodation.

On the same day, a welcome player also flew in from Sydney, Australia. Yang Eui-ji, who left NC as a free agent in November of last year and returned to Doosan Bears, arrived in Tucson after a long journey to Sydney, Incheon and LA. Yang Eui-ji endured sleeping on the plane to adapt to the jet lag, and started training normally on the 16th.

Gu Chang-mo and Yang Eui-ji are reassuring because they worked together until last year. Starting with 10 wins in 2019 when Yang Eui-ji joined the NC, Koo Chang-mo began to blossom his potential, including 9 wins in 2020 and 11 wins last year (rehabilitation in 2021). Yang Eui-ji’s existence is helpful even in the first-time adult national team.

After training on the 16th, Koo Chang-mo met with reporters and smiled, saying, “Eui-ji senior was very tired yesterday, so he just stroked my hair.” It becomes. I think I can throw it comfortably.”

Yang Eui-ji said, “I asked Chang-mo if he was doing well. It felt strange to meet him like this. Not only Chang-mo, but also other pitchers should take care of their condition while receiving the ball whenever they can from tomorrow’s practice game (the NC game on the 17th). It seems,” he said.

The two players also have similar goals for this tournament. Koo Chang-mo said, “No matter what game I play in, I have to complete my mission in the best condition, but I have to win the match against Japan and Korea. He was in the entry,” he said, wary of Japan.

Yang Eui-ji said, “I got a tablet yesterday and watched videos of players from other countries once. There are many videos that can be easily accessed in Japanese baseball. I have to be vigilant because I keep getting decisive hits from Yamada (Tetsuto) in the Korea-Japan match. Murakami (Munetaka) ) will not be easy,” he said, analyzing the match against Japan.

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