“First time after injury”…’Tottenham training without a mask’ SON, will he start the game right away?

‘Facial Injury’ Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham) is preparing to play in a Tottenham uniform after about a month and a half.

British media ‘Football London’ said on the 15th (Korean time), “Son Heung-min has returned to Tottenham training,” and “Now he has a chance to play in a Tottenham uniform for the first time since the away match against Marseille (November 2). ”he said. Tottenham will have a friendly against Nice (France) on the 22nd.

On the 2nd of last month, Son Heung-min was hit around the left eye by an opponent’s shoulder in the Champions League match between Marseille and the European Football Federation (UEFA). Eventually, he was diagnosed with an orbital fracture and was put on the operating table two days later.

About three weeks before the opening of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Son Heung-min, who was injured, was followed by an opaque question mark about participating in the World Cup.

He displayed an injury-fighting spirit. Wearing a specially designed mask, he played full-time in 3 matches in the group stage of the Korean national team and 4 matches in the round of 16 against Brazil.

In particular, Son Heung-min recorded valuable help in the match against Portugal in the third match of the group stage, which must be won. In a 1-1 elimination crisis, he helped Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton)’s winning goal by breaking through a dribble close to 80m just before the end of the game. Thanks to this, Korea’s advance to the round of 16 was confirmed. 토토사이트

Son Heung-min, who could not cross the Brazilian wall and was satisfied with the round of 16, went to England on the 13th. Now he is committed to Tottenham.

Tottenham welcomed the return of Son Heung-min. On the 15th, the club posted a picture of Son Heung-min working on team training without a mask on its official social media account, accompanied by the comment “Sonny (Son Heung-min) is back.”

‘Football London’ predicted that Son Heung-min would be able to sortie for a friendly match with Nice, saying, “Son Heung-min led Korea to the round of 16,” and “(he returned to Tottenham) can wear a Tottenham uniform for the first time since the Marseille expedition.” .

Afterwards, Tottenham will face Brentford on the 26th in the 17th round of the Premier League in the 2022-2023 season.

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