Gimpo FC’s first victory of the season against ‘youngest club’ Cheonan City FC… Gyeongnam FC defeated Jeonnam Dragons

Gimpo FC, which entered its second year of participation in the domestic professional soccer K-League 2 (Part 2), defeated Cheonan City FC, a ‘new club’.

Gimpo defeated Cheonan 4-0 in the 2023 K-League 2 round 2 home opening game held at Gimpo Salter Soccer Field on the 5th. Since 13 clubs will participate in the second division starting this season, Gimpo, which had no opponents after the opening on March 1st, had to play the game relatively late. In the first match, we accumulated the valuable 3 points. 4th in the league. Cheonan, who participated in the second division from this season, recorded two consecutive losses in the opening season, realizing the high wall of the pros.

Gimpo kept their pride by recording their first win of the season before Cheonan, the “youngest club”. Gimpo has been participating in the second division since last year after incorporating the Gimpo Citizen Soccer Team, which was founded in 2013, into a corporation in 2021. Cheonan has played in the National League (unemployment) since 2008 under the name of Cheonan City Hall Soccer Team, and after promoting professionalization in 2019, it joined as the youngest club in the second division this year.

Gimpo and Cheonan clashed in two years after 2021. The two teams faced off in the semi-pro K3 championship match in 2021, which was the third division, and Gimpo won with 1 win and 1 draw against Cheonan. Gimpo fans, who had vivid memories of that time, made cheering pickets with phrases such as “AGAIN 2021” written on them at the stadium that day, overpowering the Cheonan players.

Go Jeong-woon (57), coach of Gimpo who uses the tactic of ‘everyone attacking, everyone defending’ based on strong stamina and vigorous activity, overwhelms Cheonan coach Nam-yeol Park (53) in soccer. The two leaders are colleagues who won three consecutive regular league titles (1993-95 season) during the Cheonan Ilhwa Chunma (current Seongnam FC) days during their active career. The shares of both teams were similar at 46.29% for Gimpo and 53.71% for Cheonan, but Gimpo took the lead in effective shots (11 for Gimpo and 3 for Cheonan).스포츠토토

Coach Ko Jeong-woon and Park Nam-yeol both prefer attacking football. The point on this day was the control of the midfield. Gimpo overwhelms Cheonan in the midfield fight. He showed off his top-notch performance. When Cheonan had the ball, they took it away with active pressure defense. Juninho (Brazil) and Luis (Colombia), who came forward as Gimpo’s frontline strikers thanks to their superiority in the midfield fight, made several threatening attacks.

In a fierce battle between the two teams from the beginning of the match, Gimpo scored the first goal. In the 15th minute of the first half, Gimpo midfielder Seo Jae-min received a long pass from the back, overcame the competition with the opposing defender, and split the net with a left-footed shot from the door. The assistant referee raised the flag for offside. The referee acknowledged the goal after checking the VAR (video review). Gimpo’s first goal of the season.

Gimpo did not loosen the reins of the attack. In the 37th minute of the second half, midfielder Kim Iseok scored an additional goal. Six minutes later, Lewis won a penalty kick (PK) after inducing a foul by Cheonan goalkeeper Kim Hyo-jun. Lewis, who started as a kicker himself, shook the net. When 9 minutes of added time passed in the second half, Jang Yun-ho even scored a key goal with a right-footed shot.

At Gwangyang Soccer Stadium, Gyeongnam FC defeated Jeonnam Dragons 5-0. Won Gi-jong, who scored the winning goal in the opening game against Bucheon FC, scored multiple goals in the match today as well. Gleyson scored consecutive goals in the 20th minute, Park Jae-hwan in the 27th minute, and Castro in the 32nd minute. Gyeongnam, which won 2 consecutive wins in the opening season and accumulated 6 points, rose to first place in the league.

At Anyang Sports Complex, FC Anyang and Seoul E-Land drew 1-1. Anyang Seong-Jun Cho scored the first goal, but E-Land Bruno equalized eight minutes later. With 4 points (1 win, 1 draw), Anyang placed 3rd in the league. With 1 point (1 draw, 1 loss), E-Land was in 10th place in the league.

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