GS Caltex caught at the bottom, Korea Expressway Corporation sinking into the lead

GS Caltex, the women’s professional volleyball team, must overcome the shock of defeat against the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank. Coincidentally, however, the opponent in the next game is Korea Expressway Corporation, which has risen to the fullest after beating the leader Hyundai E&C.

GS Caltex will play a home game against Korea Expressway Corporation in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 Dodram V-League Women’s Division at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th. With the current gap between Korea Expressway Corporation (35 points) and GS Caltex (33 points) in 3rd place and 5th place being only 2 points, a fierce competition is expected to gain an advantage in the mid-ranking competition. 

GS Caltex recently suffered a shocking defeat while running a three-game winning streak. On the 20th, it showed its potential to catch leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction, but on the 23rd, an ironic situation was created where it was caught by the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank. 

Here, an emergency took place as the appearance of the main gun Moma became unclear. On the 20th, MoMa complained of knee pain during the match against Hyundai E&C and left the court during the match, and was unable to play against Pepper Savings Bank due to an injury on the 23rd. 

On the other hand, Korea Expressway Corporation, which was sluggish with two consecutive losses, succeeded in rebounding on the 24th by catching leading Hyundai E&C. The triangular formation of Catbell (19 points), Park Jung-ah (15 points), and Jeong Dae-young (13 points) completely broke Hyundai E&C’s defense. In particular, Jung Dae-young played a life game that day, achieving 5,500 points in his career along with the record for the most points scored this season.

In terms of opponents this season, Korea Expressway Corporation has an advantage with 2 wins and 1 loss, but GS Caltex 먹튀검증 won in the previous three rounds. GS Caltex won the set score 3 to 1, overwhelming the road construction in all aspects, including attack (66-53) and blocking (10-5). 

However, GS Caltex has yet to deal with Catbell, the new foreign player of Korea Highway Corporation. Catbell, who joined as a substitute for Katarina on the 4th, scored 95 points in 5 matches in the 4th round, emerging as a new main gun for the road construction. For GS Caltex, preventing cat bells is the key.

Since this match is the last match of the 4th round, it should be finished in a good mood. It remains to be seen whether GS Caltex will turn the tide again or whether the Korea Expressway Corporation will continue its winning streak.

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