Hana Kim, weightlifting women’s 55kg class total 191kg ‘Korean Junior Record’

 Hana Kim (18, Gyeongnam Provincial Office) set a new Korean junior record in the 55kg female weightlifting class메이저사이트.

Kim Ha-na broke her new Korean junior record by lifting her 85 kg, 106 kg, and 191 kg in total at the 2023 spring men’s and women’s weightlifting match held at the gymnasium of Sinseong University in Dangjin on the 25th. Kim Ha-na, who completed a ‘clean sheet’ by succeeding in all three snatches and three jerks, changed the Korean junior record in the women’s 55kg class, which had remained only as a ‘standard record’ for five years.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) created a new weight class system from the World Weightlifting Championships held in November 2018 and announced a world standard record. The Korea Weightlifting Federation also prepared a Korean standard record table, and set the Korean junior record for the Korean women’s 55kg class with an increase of 84kg, a jerk of 105kg, and a total of 188kg.

Hana Kim broke all of the women’s 55kg snatch, sweep, and total records, which had remained only as Korean standards for nearly five years, and she emerged as a rising star in the Korean women’s weightlifting lightweight division.

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