“I agree to increase subway fares to install facilities for the disabled” 

What about the bus and subway situation in Tokyo, Japan?

From the outside, it doesn’t look much different from Seoul, but if you use public transportation in a wheelchair, you will see scenes that you can’t see in Seoul.

(The bus driver gets off and installs the ramp himself)

Toshiko Kudou/Severely Disabled
“Speaking of Tokyo, most vehicles are low-floor buses. So, if you tell the driver that you want to ride in a wheelchair, the driver will get off and let go of the ramp. He also folds the seats in the bus to make room for the wheelchair.”

(Getting on the subway ramp)

“If you need help from a station attendant when getting on the subway, first ask the station attendant at the station ticket gate and tell them where to board and get off. Then, a station attendant will contact the station where you get off. They bring you ramps at pick-up and drop-off stations.”

In Japan, a law was already enacted in 2000 that makes transportation facilities barrier-free, that is, the provision of barrier-free transportation facilities as an obligation.

From 2023, on some railway lines, fares were raised altogether so that all users share the cost of expanding facilities for the disabled토스카지노.

Ishikawa/Tokyo Metro Railway General Department Planning Division
“In addition to Tokyo Metro, each railway operator, but not all, is accelerating barrier-free facilities by utilizing barrier-free toll systems. Tokyo Metro introduced this fare system to promote barrier-free facilities such as screen doors, elevators, escalators, and barrier-free toilets.”

Both Korea and Japan are parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and their domestic laws prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities.

However, the social atmosphere that non-disabled people should take responsibility and solve the problem of the rights of people with disabilities
is clearly different.

Ikeda/Subway users
“If the purpose of the fare increase is to be seen by us, we can pay with confidence. I fully agree with this increase because I think it is for more people to use the subway comfortably.”

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