“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be shocked”…a beauty pageant winner’s unexpected revelation

A beauty pageant winner is making waves after coming out of the closet.

This year’s Miss Universe Philippines is Michelle Marquez Dee, 28, who recently came out as bisexual.

“I definitely consider myself bisexual,” she said in an interview with Philippine fashion magazine Mega on May 29, adding that she is “attracted to beauty in all its forms,” Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on May 2.

Dee won the Miss Universe Philippines pageant on May 13 in Manila, Philippines, and will represent the country at the 72nd Miss Universe Pageant in El Salvador later this year.

While the Philippines is a largely open-minded country for sexual minorities, there are still conservative views on the subject as 80% of the population is Catholic, SCMP reported.

Because of this, Dee’s coming out came as a shock in the Philippines, the outlet said.

“I didn’t come out in the middle of the competition because I thought it would shock everyone and cloud their judgment메이저사이트,” Dee said, explaining that he wanted to do it on his own terms when he felt ready.

After winning the competition, Dee said he faced a barrage of abuse after a picture of him as a child with short hair and a boyish style circulated online.

Explaining his decision to go public with his sexual orientation, he said he was determined to correct the malicious rumors and speculation surrounding him.

“I saw people using those pictures to make malicious comments about how I didn’t deserve to win,” he said, adding that he chose to tackle it head-on, “If someone is taking away my life story, I need to make it right.”

“Even before I came out, I attended queer parades and supported my friends openly and proudly,” she said.

Dee said she hopes her choice will inspire others to be brave.

As for the international competition later this year, Dee said she is practicing every day, emphasizing that she will do her best to “proudly carry the Philippine flag in the competition.”

Dee’s mother is actress and model Melanie Marquez. Marquez was also crowned Miss International Philippines in 1979.

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