I don’t know if it’s Taiwan? President Heo Gu-yeon’s KBO U.S. opening game ‘reverse idea’

Let’s say that a soccer game of a country that is several times lower than the level of soccer in Korea is held in Seoul. All expenses are borne by the country. In Korea, all you have to do is rent a stadium and take the money.안전놀이터

But is anyone going to watch the match? It’s not our country’s game, and there won’t be many people who pay money to watch a game with a low level.

Even broadcasting companies, where ratings are their lifeblood, are unlikely to broadcast such a game. Advertisers in that country won’t advertise for matches that no one will be watching on TV.

There is only one situation where you have to go see the game or the broadcaster has no choice but to broadcast the game. It was when the soccer game was completely stopped in Korea. Fans who are thirsty for a football game have no choice but to watch it, even if the level is low. Sports broadcasters have no choice but to broadcast the game. A good example is ESPN broadcasting the KBO League game at dawn when baseball games in the United States were completely suspended due to the Corona 19 incident in 2020.

If it were not for that situation, even if the opening game of the KBO League was held in the United States, baseball fans would not watch the game.

If a major league game is held in Korea, baseball fans will visit the stadium even after paying an expensive admission fee. Broadcasters will also offer to relay to each other, because their level is several times higher than ours.

I don’t know if the restaurant that tastes good is closed, but the restaurant is openly open, but there is no customer who has the money to go to a restaurant that doesn’t taste good to eat.

I don’t know if there are no interesting movies, but even if there are, no one bothers to go to a third-rate movie.

No matter how expensive World Series and Super Bowl tickets are, fans watch. Because it is the best match of the best players.

President Heo Gu-yeon’s reverse idea is ‘ingenious’, but voices are heard everywhere that it seems somewhat unrealistic. This is because there are more losses than gains.

Some argue that it would be better to play the opening game in Taiwan, which is on a similar level to ours.

However, President Huh’s ‘reverse thinking’ is not meaningless at all. It is worth being evaluated for boldly pursuing something that no one else has attempted.

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