“I don’t think Kim Ha-sung will be traded”… ‘Looking for a shortstop’ Minnesota media sighs

“Ha-seong Kim (27) of the San Diego Padres is unlikely to be traded.”

The Minnesota local media ‘Star Tribune’ wrote on the 16th (Korean time), “Now that Carlos Correa (28, San Francisco) has left, who will be the new shortstop for the Minnesota Twins?”

Correa left the Houston Astros after the 2021 season and came out to the free agency market. After that, he signed a contract with Minnesota for 3 years and 105.3 million dollars (approximately 137.9 billion won). The contract had an opt-out condition after the 2022 and 2023 seasons, and Correa left Minnesota using his rights after just one season.

Afterwards, he signed a 13-year, $350 million contract with the San Francisco Giants, and his life in Minnesota came to an end. This puts Minnesota in a situation where it has to find a new infield commander.

After the season, Minnesota strengthened its shortstop position by trading Kyle Palmer (32), a veteran who played 842 innings in 98 games as a shortstop from the Cincinnati Reds this season. Inside the team, there is shortstop Royce Lewis (23), who was highly anticipated as the first overall pick in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft, but suffered a major injury in May of ruptured knee ligaments as a center fielder for the first time in his debut.

The media said, “Lewis will have a hard time returning until the middle of next season, and there are full of questions about whether he can handle a difficult shortstop after suffering a major injury. Utility player Carmer is the oldest player on the Minnesota team and is currently expected to be the starting shortstop. “There’s also Nick Gordon (27) in the minor leagues, but he’s currently registered as an outfielder,” he wrote. 토토사이트

Currently, Dansby Swanson remains as a major shortstop in the free agent market, but recruiting Swanson does not seem easy. The media said, “The Twins can target the Swanson fans expect. However, Swanson is not as disciplined a hitter as Correa. It is also speculated that he prefers to remain with his home team, the Atlanta Braves.”

“The Twins can find a reasonable trade candidate, not a free agent recruitment. For example, Philadelphia Phillies rookie shortstop Bryson Stadt (25) lost his shortstop spot after Trey Turner (29) signed an 11-year contract with Philadelphia. There is Kim Ha-seong, who is the case, and Brandon Crawford (35) of San Francisco, but neither seems likely to be traded. Kim Ha-seong is expected to be the team’s second baseman next season, and Crawford, who has played for 12 years, has the right to refuse a trade.” It is not easy, he added.

Minnesota is constantly looking for a market to reinforce its shortstop. “We can’t have too many great infielders, but we have to continue to be creative,” Minnesota Operations President Derek Palvey said, adding that he will do everything in his power to strengthen the roster.