‘I thought Kane broke up with SON…’ Director Postecoglu drew the line correctly, is it hope torture?

Can Harry Kane (30, Tottenham) transfer to Bayern Munich really happen? Based on local reports, it doesn’t seem very likely. Above all, Kane is the best star representing Tottenham. Here, Kane is a must-have for the newly appointed coach Ange Postecoglu to show something ahead of this season. At the first official press conference after taking over at Tottenham, Postecoglu coach drew the line properly about Kane’s future, saying, “I want him to be with our team,” and in fact asked to stay. However, this may be the commander’s wishes. While the fire is still burning, attention is drawn to whether Kane and Son Heung-min will show a fantastic breath in the 2023-24 season without breaking up.

British media BBC reported on the 11th (Korean time),토토사이트 “Postekoglu, the new Tottenham manager, said he would ‘present a vision for the club’ about Kane, who is receiving a love call from Bayern Munich in the transfer market this summer.” .

Kane has been linked most strongly with Bayern Munich lately. While the contract period between Kane and Tottenham expires in June next year, there is still no talk about renewing the contract. Kane had been rumored to transfer to Manchester City in the past, saying he wanted to go to a team that won the championship, but he ended up staying at Tottenham.

“Kane is one of the premier strikers in the world and I want him involved here,” Postecoglu said.

“I want to introduce myself to Kane, give him my vision for success, and I want him to understand what his vision is. The conversation between me and Kane is about how to make this club successful. There is no doubt that Kane also wants to succeed with me.”

According to the BBC, Kane will return to pre-season training on the 12th local time. The BBC added, “Kane is expected to be included in the roster for a pre-season tour to Australia, Thailand and Singapore.”

First of all, the command tower has properly drawn the line. Just he might be a hopeful advisor. The fire still remains. When asked if he had any assurances over Kane’s future, Postecoglu said, “No, I haven’t had any assurances. I didn’t expect any assurances. “I wouldn’t expect any assurances.” he said forcefully. It may be a somewhat theoretical story, but anyway, from the command tower’s point of view, Kane’s future direction was not decided, and he still declared that he was a member of his team.

Postecoglu said he was more focused on the current situation of his team than imagining what might happen in the transfer market. “What I know right now is that Kane is part of our squad, and I’m looking forward to seeing Kane back in the squad and training together,” Postecoglu said. part of this squad and looking forward to coming back among players, training, start working together)” and hoped to be together from the preseason.

“I want to bring success to this football club. My top priority is to have the team continue even after my term ends. After I send it off, I take the baton of the club. The current situation at Tottenham is the biggest motivation for me,” he said, expressing strong motivation.

Although the command tower wants it, it seems clear that Tottenham and Munich are talking about Kane’s transfer. The local media continues to deal with the Kane transfer rumor. Germany’s Sky Sports reported on the previous day (10th), “Munich has started moving again to recruit Kane. It once again presented Tottenham a contract with an option for 80 million euros (approximately 114.4 billion won in Korean currency).”

Prior to this, Munich offered Kane 60 million pounds (approximately 85.8 billion won) as a transfer fee, but it was reported that Tottenham rejected it with a single knife. Accordingly, he handed over a second offer with a higher price. There was also a local report that Munich and Kane had reached a personal agreement. Previously, Germany’s Bild said, “Munich has concluded an agreement with Kane in principle. The conversation between Kane and Munich has ended well. Now only Tottenham’s decision remains.” Munich is known to have tried to convince Kane’s family by meeting them separately. To that extent, it is read as meaning that Munich is showing their sincerity in signing Kane.

It is also true that Munich has always been thinking about the striker position after sending Robert Lewandowski, who was the team’s main gun, to FC Barcelona last summer. Thomas Müller, Sadio Mane, Serge Gnabry, and Eric Maxim Chupo-Moting led the team as strikers, but it was not enough to fill the void left by Lewandowski. Ultimately, this led to team performance. In the 2022-23 season, Munich, unlike previous years, allowed Dortmund to pursue without overwhelmingly leading the league throughout the season. The points were the same as Dortmund with 71 points, but they were ahead on goal difference and managed to lift the season championship trophy. However, the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League and DFB Pokal suffered the humiliation of early elimination.

In fact, Kane’s transfer to Munich is also a ‘saga’ that constantly comes out during the season or at the end of the season. Among them, Munich was the most active. Even in October of last year, when the season was in full swing, British media Tim Talk said, “Munich continues to be interested in Kane. Kane is also interested in heading to the Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich home stadium). Kane’s contract is coming in the summer of 2024. It expires. As a replacement for Lewandowski, Munich will be looking for a new striker.” Also, according to Kicker, Munich and Kane’s agent have been in constant contact during the season, and have hoped to be able to hold Kane in their arms at an appropriate price.

Even from Kane’s point of view, Munich can be seen as a good option. Above all, Kane has a great thirst for victory. During the 10 seasons he played for Tottenham, he experienced two League Cup runners-up (2014-2015, 2020-2021 seasons) and one Champions League runner-up (2018-2019 season). Tottenham, too, has not risen to the top spot since winning the League Cup in 2008. Accordingly, in the summer of 2021, after finishing the 2020-21 season, Kane publicly made a statement that he wanted a team in the championship. At the time, the team that was strongly connected to Kane was Manchester City, led by ‘world-class manager’ Pep Guardiola. Crucially, however, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy did not allow Kane’s transfer to end. In the end, Manchester City still reigns as the strongest club in the EPL by recruiting Elling Hollan at the time.

Kane is a living legend at Tottenham. He has scored 280 goals in a total of 435 appearances, and is currently Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer. He is the record player for the most active goals (231 goals) in the English Premier League (EPL). In terms of all-time goals, it is ranked second after’Legend’ Alan Shearer (260 goals). Depending on his performance in the new season, he may even break Shearer’s record. Kane scored 30 goals his last season. He was named second in the scoring category after Hollan (36 goals), who won the ‘scoring king’. However, from Kane’s point of view, the team’s performance is always disappointing. In the league, they competed at the top of the season at the beginning of the season, but were pushed back due to lack of support. In the end, the season ended in 8th place with a record of 18 wins, 6 draws and 14 losses (60 points). It was the first time in 14 years since the 2008-09 season that Tottenham fell to 8th place. As a result, they failed to qualify for the Champions League, as well as the Europa League (UEL) and Europa Conference League (UECL) tickets. This is the first time Kane has missed a European match since joining Tottenham.

Of course, Tottenham is also worried. This is because his contract only has one year left. This summer’s transfer window could be the last chance to collect Kane’s transfer fee. It seems that there is no intention to extend the contract with Kane. If Tottenham really wanted to catch Kane, it would not be strange even if news of the contract renewal had already been heard. It is difficult to imagine a picture in which President Levy, known as a ‘sweetie’, misses Kane without receiving a penny of the transfer fee. Will Kane’s transfer to Munich be dramatic? If so, he may be seen playing with Kim Min-jae, who has a strong move to Munich. Or will he train with Tottenham from the preseason and continue on the EPL stage as the newly appointed coach Postecoglu wishes?

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