“I thought she was a good person, but it’s really shocking”…alumni claimed…

Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, who murdered a female classmate she met through a tutoring application (app), has become a hot topic after a user wrote that she had social problems when she was in high school.

On the 5th, a post by Mr. A, who claims to be a high school classmate of Jung, spread around various online communities. “I have her contact information and we were in the same class in high school, but even then, I couldn’t get along with people and it was weird,” A said. “I thought she was a good girl because she was very introverted and had a small voice, but it was really shocking.”

He continued, “I’m also an introvert, so I hang out with introverted friends, so at the beginning of the semester, I kept going out with Jung Jeong-jeong and talked to her quite a bit, but it was weird.” “I didn’t feel evil at all. I can’t believe she killed because she was delusional…” he added.

Another user, Mr. B, also commented that his friend was a classmate of Jung’s. “I was already creeped out because she was메이저사이트 the same age as me, but her friend showed me her graduation photo, saying she was a classmate,” B said, “I guess she didn’t have a presence when I was in school. Other friends told me about it, so I knew.”

However, the authenticity of the posts was not revealed.

A photo of Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, released by the Busan National Police Agency on Jan. 1 after a review by the Personal Information Disclosure Review Committee. Jung was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman in her 20s whom she met through an online tutoring app and dumping her body. Photo by Yonhap

Jung was detained on suspicion of killing the victim with a weapon at her home in Geumjeong-gu, Busan, at around 5:40 p.m. on March 26 and then abandoning her body. She dismembered the victim’s body, put it in a suitcase, took a taxi, and dumped part of the body in a forest near the Nakdong River in Yangsan, Gyeongnam.

Jung’s crime was discovered by a taxi driver who found it odd that she dumped the blood-stained suitcase in the woods.

He had claimed the crime was accidental, but during a recent police investigation, he confessed to a premeditated crime, saying, “I did it because I wanted to kill.”

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