“I wish I could win one more time before retirement”, KT’s ‘Captain’ Park Kyung-soo’s earnestness

I wish I could (win) just one more time before I retire.”

It wasn’t long before we had to leave the field. It may be the last spring camp. This is the story of Park Gyeong-soo (39), the best member of the wizard corps KT and the “captain”. As there is no time, I am more 스포츠토토 desperate to win than ever. I really want to win just one more championship before I retire.

On the 29th, Park Kyung-soo departed from Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 to participate in the spring camp starting in Arizona, USA. As he left for overseas training after three years, he showed anticipation on the face of KT’s ‘Captain’.

Meeting with the reporters before departure, he said, “I think I will be able to build up my body a little better personally and as a team because I do spring camp in a better weather and environment.” .

Park Kyung-soo is a player with a reputation as a senior who takes good care of and leads his juniors. Following last year, I carried the weight of the captain again this year. He said, “All of our players are good, so there is nothing more to worry about because I am the captain. I think we can do what we normally do,” he said. “However, all the players are thinking that they should finish the season in a higher position than last year.”

Infielder Kim Sang-soo and newcomers who joined the team did not spare any advice. He said, “(Kim) Sang-soo is a player I have always been close to, and there is no doubt about his skills. It’s the first time he’s played together, but once or twice, he seems to fit well,” he said. He continued, “(Kim Sang-soo) did a lot about our team atmosphere. It seemed like there was something to look forward to. Since he is such a sincere friend, I think there will be good synergy in the team.”

Also, to the rookie players who joined the spring camp, “I also participated in the camp when I was young, so I know it will be difficult and awkward. Rather than that, I wish I could play my own baseball. That kind of atmosphere will be created by seniors, including myself,” he said. He then encouraged, saying, “Since spring camp is held in a good environment, I hope that I will work hard to become a competitive player and prepare to join the first team.”

The goal of this spring camp is, above all else, ‘team performance’. I really want to win one more championship before I retire. Park Kyung-soo said, “I think that each player will know well what was lacking last year, and if each of them supplements and works hard, we will be able to bring our team to higher grades.” But the club gave me a chance to play another year. I think we should give that justification to the fans. So personally, I plan to start with a firm heart. The feeling of winning was so good that I want to do it just one more time before I retire.”

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