IBK, the number of unconventional matches in the female foreign draft… Yasmin is Pepper

Which team did the goddess of luck smile on? The first priority was IBK Industrial Bank, but Korea Expressway Corporation, which was selected as the last train, also showed a satisfied expression.

The 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) women’s foreign player draft, which was held face-to-face for the first time in four years in Turkey, Istanbul, was completed on the 13th (Korean time). Four new faces and three with V-League experience will play in the V-League next season.

The draft order is in reverse order of last season’s results: 7th Pepper Savings Bank (35 marbles), 6th IBK Industrial Bank (30), 5th GS Caltex (25), 4th KGC Ginseng Corporation (20), 3rd Beads were distributed to Hyundai Engineering & Construction (15), Heungkuk Life Insurance (10) in second place, and Korea Expressway Corporation (5) in first place. 38 players, including 34 invited players and 4 existing players, were targeted. Excluding Heungkuk Life Insurance, who renewed the contract with Yelena Mrazenovic (26, Bosnia/Serbia, 1m96) the previous day, six clubs selected one out of 37 players.

As a result of the lottery, the order of selection was decided in the order of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Pepper Savings Bank, Heungkuk Life Insurance, KGC Ginseng Corporation, Hyundai E&C, GS Caltex, and Korea Expressway Corporation. IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-chul, who was the first to step on the podium, chose Britney Abercrombie (28, USA/Puerto Rico, 1m91). Abercrombie did not play in two evaluation matches during the tryout period. After digesting the club schedule, he arrived in Istanbul at dawn on the day of the draft in local time and immediately digested the evaluation match. Other clubs reacted unexpectedly to coach Kim’s bold decision.

Director Kim was delighted with a big smile when the beads were picked first. He explained the background of the selection, saying, “I thought about picking it before the tryout,” and “I watched the video over and over again.” He added, “I’m not a flashy and powerful player, but I picked him for our team.”

He said that he highly evaluated the advantage of being left-handed and wide in attack. There is also a reason that he is the best player for team situations where he has to play speed volleyball. Coach Kim emphasized, “I could have picked a taller player, but I chose a player who could fit well with our setter.”

Even Abercrombie laughed. He expressed his feelings, “It feels so good to be selected, and I look forward to playing in Korea.” He emphasized, “(The V-League) is highly dependent on foreign players, so I know that there is a burden and a sense of responsibility,” and “I am ready to accept a new challenge.”

Pepper Savings Bank Aachen Kim appointed Yasmin Bedart (27, USA/Israel, 1m93). He was recovering after being out of the season after suffering a back injury at Hyundai E&C last season, but he boldly bet on the game. During this tryout period, Yasmin did not participate in the evaluation match and simply warmed up.  

Below are interviews with coaches and players

Before the tryout, I thought about picking him up. I watched the video over and over again. I kept checking what I played for the national team last year, what I played in Turquiye this season, and what I played in Puerto Rico in the last five games. He is not a flashy and powerful player, but he was chosen according to our team.

-What part are you looking forward to?
Physically, he’s not that good of a player. Instead, he has a wide range of offense and is left-handed, so he has many advantages. I bought that part high. When he goes to the number 4 spot, he sees a lot of blocking and attacking and he can do it.

-Do you think breathing with the setters is okay?
Like Kim Ha-kyung and Phonpun, our play is in a situation where we have to play speed volleyball anyway, so we focused on that and looked at the players. I could have chosen a tall player, but I chose a player who could match well with our setters.

■Pepper Savings Bank Aachen Kim Director

-Why did you choose Yasmin?
I thought it would be helpful to have a V-League veteran for a young club like us entering the third year. Although he is already a proven player, he can take responsibility for such reliance, and apart from having proven his height and skills, I think this player can also play the role of a veteran player. It is not common for foreign players to be classified as veterans in Korea. There are cases where foreign players play until the second year, but there are not many players who have played until the third year.

-Is there a risk of injury recovery?
No matter who you choose, the risk is the same. Yesterday, during the interview with the club and the players, I asked where he had been rehabilitated, and he said that he was rehabilitating in a famous and reliable place in LA, USA. I think I can fully recover from an injury in 6 months. Yasmin is a veteran professional player and knows what to do. He chose it because he knew he had a professional mindset.

■ KGC Ginseng Corporation coach Heejin Ko

-Why did you choose the player?
Everything, including the skills, was satisfactory. I thought of putting it in the first place, but I’m happy that it was selected in our ranking. He is a player with excellent receiving ability. How well you adapt to Korea is an important issue. I think it will do its job well enough.

■GS Caltex Director Cha Sang-hyun

– Are you satisfied with the marble luck?
It’s a little disappointing that the order of the marbles is behind, and the Asian quota is also sad, but it’s very fortunate for our team to be able to pick the player I want.

– What part did you pay attention to?
His serve is very good and he has enough second-tier offense to score points when he is on defense. I also ranked first in the region in the Greek League, and I decided that I could be better overall in all areas. I have a lot of experience abroad, and there was no reason not to choose.

– You didn’t renew your contract with MoMA?
Rather than saying that we didn’t let MoMA go because we couldn’t do it, I needed a change in the team as I worked with MoMA for the second season after this season. If you repeat the same volleyball, the opponent analysis is over. Both me and the team thought that it would be impossible without a color change. It’s not that MoMA didn’t do well, but I definitely needed a change.

■Hyundai Engineering & Construction Kang Seong-hyeong

– Why did you choose MoMA?
In a way, it was a position of waiting for beads. We played the league together and it was verified from the opponent’s point of view. One or two others were greedy, but I didn’t have time to watch them. Looking at the scoring success rate in the league, I chose a player who was stable and suitable for our team, not a player with poor attack power.

– It seems that a healthy body also played an important role after Yasmin’s injury?
I thought if Yasmin would come, but there were injuries in the middle. he remembered that I remember taking a break during the 2nd season of MoMA. That was also taken into account, and there was also a sub strength. To be honest, if you’re lucky, you might get the first marble, but I thought about Yasmin and Banya Bukirich, but I didn’t have much time, so I decided on Moma. MoMA was also in the 1st and 2nd ranks.

■Korea Highway Corporation Kim Jong

-min -It’s a low order, but did the player you want come out?
Yes. The player I thought of remained, and although it is the last, I am very satisfied. I saw it a little longer than the attack power. I chose it because it seems to have a high possibility of growing up to next season, not just this season.

– What were the other advantages?
First of all, height is an advantage. Blocking and offense were very high compared to other players. Instead, it seems that there are still parts to be adjusted while training in the technical part. The Korean league will not be easy for me. Because it is a league with good defense, it seemed that there were a lot of things to do and to develop power as much as that.

■ IBK Industrial Bank Brittany Abercrombie

– First place impression?
It feels so good to be chosen. I am looking forward to going to Korea and playing.

-The time to show off your skills was short, so were you worried?
Of course I was very worried. It seems that the video was also shown a lot in advance. Still, I think it’s fortunate that I came to the scene and showed my skills. Attendance is required to qualify for the draft. I came after finishing the final match of the championship match in Puerto Rico.

– Korea is very dependent on foreign players. Are you confident?
It’s a new challenge and I’m ready. I’m trying to quickly build up my stamina and prepare. I know that there is a burden and a sense of responsibility due to the high dependence on foreign players. Ready to accept new challenges.

■Pepper Savings Bank Yasmin Bedart

– How do you feel about the 3rd challenge?
After he suffered a back injury and learned that he would recover, he wanted to return to Korea. It is the third year, but the first year was stopped due to Corona 19, and the second year could not be finished due to a back injury. This time he really wanted to go back and finish the whole thing.

-What kind of team do you remember Pepper Savings Bank as?
I think it is a team that is always evolving. It is a team that has grown steadily from the first time I faced it to the last time I faced it. This is a team that gets better as you train. I want to go and help the team토토사이트.

– How is your current physical condition?
Regarding the spine, I have completely recovered, and I am focusing on increasing my strength and things like that. Looking at the overall timeline, it seems that the body will be up until the time of joining. It will be up a lot for two months until August.

■KGC Ginseng Corporation Giovanna Milana

-How do you feel about being selected?
It’s such an honor. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. It seems to be dreaming. I’ll take the honor for the next few days.

– There was a lot of applause when you were selected. Did you know many players?
There were a lot of players I knew before here. Even after the tryout, I made a lot of new friends. I am grateful for the tryout because I got to know a good volleyball player.

■GS Caltex Gisele Silva

-How do you feel?
Very surprised but very happy and good. I’m not good at English, so I’ll talk briefly.

– Did you expect not to be selected?
I thought I wouldn’t get picked. I didn’t expect it at all. It’s been a month since the season ended, and I wasn’t in the state to show my best condition in the tryout, so I wasn’t in a state of being picked.

– What are your strengths?
The first is serve and the second is attack.

Korea Expressway Corporation Banya Bukirich

-How did you feel about being selected at the end?
I was both nervous and happy. I feel like I’ve felt all the emotions.

-Did you expect to be selected?
It was expected, but it seemed not, and it was 50/50.

– How much did you show in this tryout?
The season ended last December. It was a situation where I had to train and then quit. I was not in the best condition because I had to graduate at the same time. I didn’t get much angle when attacking. (In the V-League) I think I will be able to show a good performance by making the best condition.

■Heungkuk Life Insurance Yelena Mrazenovic

I’m happy to play for Heungkuk Life Insurance again. Heungkuk Life Insurance team members are like family. I am happy to be able to work with them. Also, I am looking forward to seeing the fans who cheer me on the court again. We will continue to do our best to live up to the expectations of our fans with good performance.

Manager Kim explained the background of Yasmin’s nomination, saying, “I thought it would be helpful to have a V-League veteran in a young club entering the third year.” He explained, “It is not common for foreign players to be classified as veterans in Korea.” Regarding the risk of injury, he emphasized, “No matter who you choose, the risk is the same.” He continued, “I think that even with an injury in six months, he can fully recover,” adding, “Yasmin is a veteran professional player and knows what to do.”

Yasmin also responded with a smile. He commented, “After suffering a back injury and knowing he was going to recover, he wanted to go back to Korea.” It is the third year of the V-League, but the league was suspended due to Corona 19 in the first season, and last season was not finished due to a back injury, so this time I am determined to digest the full season. Regarding his physical condition, he said, “The spine has fully recovered and is in the process of increasing his strength.”

KGC Ginseng Corporation director Go Hee-jin pointed out Giovanna Milana (25, USA, 1m86). Then, the foreign players who participated in the draft celebrated with cheers and applause. Next, Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Seong-hyeong called the name of Leticia Moma Basoko (30, Cameroon, 1m84), who played for GS Caltex last season. GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyun Cha, who decided not to renew the contract with MoMA the day before, chose Gisele Silva (32, Cuba/Azerbaijan, 1m91).

Lastly, the “defending champion,” coach Kim Jong-min of Korea Expressway Corporation, pointed to Banja Bukirich (24, Serbia, 1m98), who was well-received throughout the tryout period. Bukirich, who is the tallest among the players in this draft, was evaluated as having similar performance to Meretta Lutz (USA), who played an active role at GS Caltex in the past.

Coach Kim said, “The player I thought of remained and it was the last one, but I’m very satisfied.” He continued, “First of all, height is a strength,” he explained, “even when blocking and attacking, he was very tall compared to other players.”

I expected to be selected, but Bukirichi, who was selected last, seemed to ride a roller coaster. He smiled, saying, “I was nervous and also happy, and I think I felt all the emotions.” Bukirich said, “The season ended last December,” and regretted that “(during the tryout evaluation) I wasn’t in the best condition and I couldn’t make much angle when attacking.” Following “

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