“If the competition is held every day”… Jecheon City, Sports Marketing ‘Effect’

The sports marketing that Jecheon City has been actively promoting since last year is paying off.

More than one sports event is being held every week across Jecheon this year, and we are already seeing tens of billions of won in economic ripple effects.

Reporter Jeong Jin-gyu reports.


This is a hotel in Jecheon메이저사이트.

Even on a weekday morning, 80% of the 45 rooms are fully booked.

Most of the guests are athletes and officials from the sports competitions held in Jecheon this weekend.

The number of guests increased by more than 40% compared to the days without the competition.

[Soundbite] Park Gyeong-joon/Hotel representative : “If there are many competitions like this, lodging companies would definitely like it. It would be great if there were competitions like this 365 days a year.” A nearby restaurant was full of players participating in the competition


When a sporting event is held, the store’s sales skyrocket.

[Soundbite] Yang Eun-hee/Restaurant Owner : “It’s almost twice as much. More than twice as much. That’s how much influence we have.”]

In Jecheon, three sports competitions will be held one after another this week alone.

All of them, including the President’s Cup and the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition, are on a national scale, and more than 1,000 people, including athletes and their families, visit Jecheon.

During the three-day event, the economic ripple effect of these events on the Jecheon area is expected to be 800 million won.

In Jecheon, 25 sports events were held this year, and 100,000 people visited the area every year, generating an economic effect of 25 billion won.

There are 46 remaining competitions, with more than one sporting event held each week.

The economic effect through this is estimated to reach 85.7 billion won.

[Soundbite] Kim Nam-gi/Jecheon City Sports Marketing Team Leader : “We will do our best to achieve the goal of 500,000 people per year and 100 billion won in economic effect by sublimating sports marketing into industrialization…

” It is enjoying the effects of stimulating the economy.

This is KBS News Jeong Jin-gyu.

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