‘If you show me just one crazy defense like that in the match against Japan… ‘ From the first day of training, fierce competition for ‘National OOO’ [WBC Live]

Finally, World Baseball Classic (WBC) Lee Kang-cheol-ho started training.온라인바카라

On the 16th (Korean time), the Tucson Camp in Arizona, USA. The players who arrived at the training ground at 9:40 am (US time) gathered on the ground wearing uniforms with the Taegeuk mark.

The players gathered from all over the world the day before. There were many players who were not tired due to the long flight and jet lag, but the training atmosphere was full of energy. It is the power of the Taegeuk mark.

The national team selected six outfielders (Kim Hyeon-soo, Na Seong-beom, Park Hae-min, Park Geon-woo, Lee Jeong-hu, Choi Ji-hoon).

Originally there were five players, but when Choi Ji-man (31), first baseman of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the US Major League Baseball, was unable to play due to opposition from the club, manager Lee Kang-cheol selected SSG Landers outfielder Choi Ji-hoon as a replacement for Choi Ji-hoon.

Choi Ji-hoon, who is in his third year as a pro, participated in all games last year in the regular season and recorded a batting average of 0.304, 10 homers, 61 RBIs and 31 stolen bases. In particular, Choi Ji-hoon is called the successor of Kim Kang-min, who was famous for his ‘beast defense’, and is evaluated that he has already risen to the top in the country in terms of defense to the point of earning the nickname ‘baby beast’.

Defense plays a huge role in international competition. Lee Jin-young (current SSG coach), who was reborn as a national right fielder with one decisive diving catch in the 2006 WBC match against Japan, is a prime example.

Among the outfielders who practiced defense together that day, Choi Ji-hoon’s defense stood out by far. The coaches exclaimed as they quickly ran backwards and jumped lightly to catch Fungo, which was difficult to catch.

Healthy defense competition among national outfield candidates.

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