Investing $100 million Suzuki Seiya’s ‘humiliation’… Demoted to 7th hitter + can’t play every day

The Chicago Cubs signed Seiya Suzuki from Japan ahead of the 2022 season.

The club did not disclose the terms of the contract, but it is known that the posting fee was added to the 5-year, 85 million dollars (103.9 billion won at the time).

The posting fee was 14.625 million dollars (17.87 billion won at the time) , which was a large contract worth 100 million dollars (122.2 billion won at the time).토토사이트

Suzuki had a wRC+ of 116 and 0.262/0.336/0.433 slash lines in 111 games last season. It was evaluated as a solid season.

He had a fantastic start this season as well, posting slashes of 0.293/0.385/0.487 in 174 plate appearances through the end of May.

However, Suzuki’s offensive power has since collapsed. Since June, he has averaged 0.214/0.281/0.310 slash line in 210 plate appearances. His wRC+ (96) also fell below league average.

According to MLBTR on the 7th (Korean time), although Suzuki plays excellent defense in right field, he doesn’t play every day.

Cubs coach David Ross said of Suzuki, “He knows he has to do some work. It’s hard to do that during a game. We’ll give him time and he can help us win games.” When he feels like he will come back.”

Suzuki recently fell from batting order 2 to 7.

The Cubs are in a fierce battle for leadership in the NL Central with the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds.

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