‘Involved in stock price manipulation’ Lim Chang-jung’s wife Seo Ha-yan also ‘stop loss’ sparks… “Name removed from group”

Amid the industry’s ‘stop loss’ march for singer Lim Chang-jung, who was recently involved in a stock price manipulation case, claims have been raised that the aftermath is reaching his wife, Seo Ha-yan.

On the 16th, the YouTube channel ‘President Lee Jin-ho behind entertainment’ said, ‘Did he go into hiding? Lim Chang-jung, who lost his hand. Her wife, Seo White, released a video titled ‘Shocking Current Status’.

Photo Source = Photo = Seo Ha-yan’s Instagram

He explained, “It is accurate to say that all businesses and activities under the name of Lim Chang-jung have been discontinued.”

At the same time, Lee Jin-ho insisted that the ‘stop loss’ march surrounding Lim Chang-jung goes beyond Lim Chang-jung and leads to the loss of Seo Ha-yan.

He said, “Seo Ha-yan is known to have started a restaurant or various franchise businesses under his name, but there is no actual business in progress토스카지노.” At the same time, he said that Seo Ha-yan’s name could not be found in the current creator group, Sandbox.

Lee Jin-ho said, “I even had a filming schedule right before this incident occurred, but after the Lim Chang-jung incident, everything was canceled. ‘Let’s stop for a while,’ so all productions were temporarily suspended,” he explained.

Lee Jin-ho said, “It is difficult for Lim Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan to be active, but Seo Ha-yan is not just a creator.” It is in an unsatisfactory state,” he added.

He just said, “The reason Seo Ha-yan’s name goes up and down in relation to this investment is because Ra Deok-yeon and Lim Chang-jung established a corporation to start a new entertainment business, and Seo Ha-yan was listed as an auditor or director.” It has been confirmed that there is no connection with this investment case.”

On the other hand, the ‘stop loss’ movement surrounding singer Lim Chang-jung, who was involved in stock manipulation gangs, is spreading recently. Following the cancellation of performances and the withdrawal of products, the franchises he founded also erased his traces.

On the 11th, the joint investigation team of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office and the Financial Services Commission arrested Ra Deok-yeon, CEO of H Investment Advisory Company, who is suspected of stock price manipulation related to the SG Securities incident.

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