“Is Korea Better Than the U.S.?” Well-Being Rankings ‘Tied’…Where’s No. 1?

South Korea’s ‘well-being ranking’ ranks 20th out of 170 countries globally, second highest in Asia.

South Korea ranked 20th out of 170 countries안전놀이터, the second highest in Asia after Japan, which ranked 16th, according to a well-being ranking released today by the U.S. nonprofit organization Order for Social Progress.

South Korea has jumped 17 spots in the well-being rankings in just 30 years, especially when compared to 1990.

The country with the highest well-being ranking was Switzerland, followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Germany in the second through fifth places.

Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, and Austria rounded out the top 10, with Europe’s wealthy countries generally dominating the list.

In contrast, the United States and China, two of the world’s economic superpowers (G2), ranked only 31st and 107th, respectively, in the well-being rankings.

The US, in particular, has fallen 23 places since 1990.

North Korea was ranked 149th, a drop of 37 places from 1990.

Meanwhile, the rankings are based on the 2020 Social progress index (SPI) of 170 countries, which evaluates 52 items.

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