“It appealed strongly”…There was a reason why director Kim Won-hyung took the rookies

SSG Landers rookie pitchers Roun Lee (19) and Young-jin Song (19) stood out in the spring camp.메이저사이트

SSG organized the 2023 spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. A number of new players were also included. In fact, there are cases where rookies start in the 2nd team out of concern about over-pace, but coach Kim Won-hyung had a different idea. I wanted to check the players’ skills with my own eyes at close range.

SSG took pitchers Roun Lee and Youngjin Song, and fielders Minjun Kim, Jungmin Kim, and Geonwoong Kim to the first-team spring camp. Coach Kim expressed his anticipation, saying, “I strongly appealed to let new players join the Florida camp. They are players who did well even when they were in school. Just training with first-team players will have a good effect.”

The rookies who were chosen by the command tower also constantly honed their skills. In particular, Roun Lee and Youngjin Song, who were nominated in the upper round by SSG, showed their presence right from the training process. Lee Rowoon, who came from Daegu High School and joined the team in the 5th overall in the first round, threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 148 km during live pitching. After graduating from Daejeon High School, Song Young-jin, who joined the team in the 15th place in the second round, also caught attention by throwing a 144 km fast ball.

They also showed off their unbelievable courage at the Cheongbaekjeon held on the 24th (Korean time). Song Young-jin climbed the mound at the end of the 6th inning and caught 3 batters with 9 balls, striking out 1 and recording no runs in 1 inning. The highest speed of the fastball that day was recorded at 147 km. Even in a crisis situation with 1st and 3rd base unscathed at the end of the 6th inning, Lee Un-do kept Guillermo Heredia, Ha Jae-hoon, and Choi Joo-hwan out in succession to keep the draw.

Song Young-jin, who performed outstandingly, said, “I wanted to do pitching that did not run away from the mound as it was the first match against Cheongbaek. I tried to throw my ball confidently against the batter and it led to good results. I will try to make it into something,” he said.

They are rookies who are accumulating good experiences as coach Kim wishes. Just training with first-team players is motivating. In fact, it is not easy to stand out on the professional stage right away once the season begins, but the image you have shown now is enough to raise expectations.

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