It’s a waste Lee Kang-in, Primera Liga excluded from this year’s team list… Selected by Valverde + Fedri

The name of Lee Kang-in, who was nominated, was omitted from this year’s team of the ‘2022-23 Spanish Primera Liga메이저놀이터‘.

On the 20th (Korean time), the Primera Liga Secretariat announced the list of ‘2022-23 Spanish Primera Liga’ Team Of The Season-TOTS on its official website. The selection method was decided by fan vote, player vote, and expert panel vote.

Lee Kang-in, who was nominated for Team Midfielder of the Year announced on the 2nd, was not selected in the final stage. The Yong-Gabi (Barcelona) and Kroos-Camavinga (Real Madrid), who were nominated along with Lee Kang-in, were also not selected for this year’s team.

The owners of the five spots are Luka Modric, Federico Valverde (Real Madrid), Fedri (Barcelona), Markel Merino (Real Sociedad) and Gabri Beiga (Celta Vigo).

Although he was excluded from the final list, Lee Kang-in made a strong impression by setting a career high this season.

Lee Kang-in recorded 6 goals and 4 assists in 33 Primera Liga games this season, becoming the first Korean player to reach 10 attack points in a single season in the Primera Liga. Mallorca, which actively utilized Lee Kang-in, is running 12th in the Primera Liga this season with 12 wins, 8 draws and 14 losses (44 points). Remaining in the league, which was the first goal, has already been achieved.

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Breaking up with Mallorca is certain. Lee Kang-in is the subject of interest from not only the Primera Liga but also the English Premier League (EPL) clubs.

There was also an opinion comparing Lee Kang-in, who boasts high-level skills, with David Silva, a left-footed midfielder. Lee Kang-in can play on the side as well as in the center, and even has a kicking ability that can shine in set pieces. Lee Kang-in, who improved his stamina through intensive training, improved his ability to participate in defense and fight. Many of his previous shortcomings have been erased, and the sincerity unique to Korean players is also an attractive point. It is a resource many teams cannot help but covet.

Meanwhile, Karim Benzema-Vinicius Junior (above Real Madrid), Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona), and Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) have risen to four strikers.

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