“It’s already been 10 years since they debuted”… 14 billion FA, the command tower has pointed out as the next leader 

They say it’s already been 10 years for me.”

On the 24th, Changwon NC Park underground parking lot. Fans of infielder Park Min-woo (30) sent coffee trucks that day. It was to celebrate and support Park Min-woo’s 10th year of debut. Park Min-woo was also soliciting customers (?) by saying, “Have a cup of coffee” directly in front of the coffee truck. Fans laughed at Park Min-woo, saying, “You have to be NC for life.” 

Park Min-woo looked at the coffee truck and said, “They say I’ve already been 10 years.” Park Min-woo was nominated by NC in the first round of the 2012 draft and debuted in the first team in 2013. He was a founding member who has been with NC since its inception, and was the winning member who led the team to its first victory. Park Min-woo’s professional career was also the history of NC.

Although he was suspended from the club and the KBO for violating the quarantine rules for the 2021 away accommodation, he returned later and grew into a decent midfielder who takes care of young players and acts as a bridge with seniors. And after obtaining free agent (FA) qualification last year, he signed a super-large contract with NC for up to 14 billion won for 5+3 years. This is the reason why NC held on to Park Min-woo, even though he returned from disciplinary action last year and achieved somewhat disappointing results of .  

If the 3-year extension option is implemented after 5 years, Park Min-woo’s contract period will be the longest contract period ever. Founding members left the team one by one, but Park Min-woo, as a founding member메이저사이트, is more likely to remain on the team as a ‘lifetime NC’ player, just like the fans’ wishes.

This is Kang In-kwon, who watched Park Min-woo as a coach at the time of its establishment. After using the coffee truck for Min-woo Park’s 10th anniversary, director Kang said, “It’s already been 10 years,” and felt the age difference of Min-woo Park.

Director Kang laughed, saying, “I don’t think I’ve become more mature in 10 years,” but “I’m serious about baseball. It’s the most commendable and I want to praise him for not changing much from when he was a rookie or now. There were difficulties as a player and there were difficult times, but I think I was very proud to see him doing his best while maintaining his appearance so far.” 

Although he has a lot of roles within the squad. He said, “Still, he is the mood maker of our team. He is a player who thinks about how to make the team atmosphere better when the atmosphere is down. I want to praise him for that,” he said. “Park Min-woo is a player who will soon become our team’s leader. He said, “I think he will probably play the role of leader because the team is young.”

In Yasujin, along with Park Seok-min (38), the current senior captain, Son Ah-seop (35), Park Se-hyeok (34), and Park Geon-woo (33), they belong to the middle and middle seniority axis. He’s reached an age where he can be a leader, and he’s actually behaving like that. There is a reason why the command tower picked him as the next leader of NC. And he is gradually growing as a leader. 

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