It’s the director’s constitution”

In the first meeting of new teams with good starts, Wonik won a hot victory. Wonik defeated Ulsan Korea Zinc 3-1 in the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League 5th week 1 game (Sudam League 3rd round 1 game) held at the Baduk TV studio on the evening of the 25th.

These are the two teams that joined the Go League as the 37th team. Before facing each other, Ulsan Korea Zinc had 3 wins in a row since its founding, and Wonik had 2 wins and 1 loss. Wonik’s two wins were complete shutouts, which he has only seen twice this season.

Wonik continued its momentum. In the captain’s match, which clashed with 3 consecutive wins in the opening match and 4 wins and 4 losses in the opponent’s record, Lee Ji-hyeon, 9th dan, defeated Shin Min-jun, 9th dan, and took the lead. Following that, Song Ji-hoon, 8th Dan, defeated Hong Mu-jin, 6th Dan, who was attacking hemp, and Lee Chang-seok, 8th Dan, defeated Park Hyun-soo, 5th Dan, who came to catch hemp.

In a situation where Ulsan Korea Zinc lost 0-3, Choi Jeong 9th Dan took a game against Lee Yeonggu 9th Dan after a close match. Personally, it was my first win after two losses.

Song Ji-hoon, 8th Dan, said, “I think it would have been a bit difficult if the opponent had attacked well in the process of breaking through, but I think there was a misunderstanding. Lee Chang-seok, 8th dan, expressed his impressions, saying, “After talking with the players, it wasn’t always good.” 메이저사이트

Wonik took the lead in the Sudam League by beating Ulsan Korea Zinc and Suryeohan Hapcheon. There was a lot of criticism that there was no strong ace, but Lee Ji-hyeon, 9th dan, led the team with a winning streak, and took the lead with an even and solid power with the least difference in rankings among the main players.

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