Jaguar, which will launch an electric car in two years, will temporarily suspend domestic sales from the second half of the year

British luxury car brand Jaguar메이저사이트, which is set to launch a pure electric vehicle in 2025, will temporarily suspend domestic sales from the second half of this year.

Jaguar Land Rover Korea held a press conference at Signiel Seoul in Jamsil on the 18th and shared its mid- to long-term electrification strategy and business plan in Korea. The key to the announcement is that the company will speedily promote the “Reimagine 2030” strategy, which contains the content that it will spend 15 billion pounds (about 25 trillion won) over five years to be reborn as an electric vehicle-oriented brand.

In Korea, it was decided to significantly expand the electrification lineup over the next two years. In the case of Land Rover, it will release a plug-in hybrid ( PHEV ) ‘Range Rover’ with increased mileage at the end of this year . After unveiling a pure electric Range Rover based on the existing platform ( MLA ) next year, in 2025, an electric Range Rover built on an electric vehicle-only platform ( EMA ) will also be introduced. Land Rover plans to fill 60% of all vehicles sold with pure electric vehicles by 2030.

Leonard Furnik, chief business officer of Jaguar Land Rover, explains the brand’s electrification strategy, ‘Li-I-Minjin 2030’. Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Korea
Jaguar will release three pure electric models in 2025 based on its independently developed electric vehicle platform ( JEA ). First, the ‘4-door GT’ model will be released, which can run about 700 km on a single charge and will be priced at around £100,000 (150 million won). Jaguar will start a full-scale brand renewal with this starting point, and to prepare for this, it has decided to temporarily suspend domestic sales from the second half of this year. Customer service is maintained.

Attention is focusing on whether collaboration with K Battery will expand in the process of converting to electric vehicles. Currently, LG Energy Solutions is supplying batteries. In response to a related question, Robin Colgan, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Korea, said, “It is difficult to say definitively about vehicles to be released in the future,” but “Korea plans to carry out various cooperation as a strategic partner with important technologies.”

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