Judge, ‘rival’ Ohtani home run immediately after catching the batted ball

 Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani,메이저사이트 who competed for the MVP last year, had another fierce confrontation. After Judge caught Ohtani’s home run, he immediately hit a home run.

Judge of the New York Yankees started as the second batter in the center field in the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League home game against the Angels held at Yankee Stadium in New York, USA on the 20th (Korean time) and played a big role in the offense and defense.

At the top of the first inning, Ohtani hit a home run ball, but Judge ran to the warning track and jumped up. As the ball hit the glove and bounced toward the ground, Judge caught the ball with his ungloveed right hand and made an out count. Ohtani’s batted ball with a flight distance of 125m was treated as a fly ball by the center fielder because of the low rain of the judge.

Judge, who blocked Ohtani’s home run, fired two runs over the left-middle wall in his first at-bat at the bottom of the first inning. It was Judge’s 6th home run of the season, and it was a blow to avenge the team’s complete defeat the previous day.

Judge played an active role with 1 hit and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats that day, while Ohtani went 0-4 in 4 at-bats.

The Yankees defeated the Angels with a score of 3-2 on a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 10th inning after an overtime game.

In the game the previous day, Ohtani scored two runs to lead the Angels to a 5-2 victory.

Judge and Ohtani were strong American League MVP candidates last year. Ohtani won 15 games and hit 34 home runs as a pitcher, but Judge hit 62 home runs and was named MVP.

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