Jung Woo-jae goes and Lee Joo-yong comes… Jeju, a more aggressive three-back is coming

Jung Woo-jae and Lee Ju-yong (31 below) change their uniforms through trade. Jeju United can operate a more aggressive three-back through the recruitment of Lee Ju-yong.

Jung Woo-jae and Lee Ju-yong,스포츠토토 who play left-sided defenders, change teams in a one-on-one trade. Jung Woo-jae was a built-in left-sided defender after wearing the Jeju uniform in the 2019 season. After Nam Ki-il took over as coach, he displayed formidable flanking power with Ahn Hyun-beom on the right flank. In the 2021 season, he played 38 games. However, his injury and sluggishness overlapped with his last season, and he could not show himself when he was good. Jung Woo-jae also expressed his intention to leave Jeju and take on a new challenge.

Lee Ju-yong, who is new to Jeju, has a different play style from Jung Woo-jae. Lee Ju-yong is a left-footed left-sided defender. He is one of the most aggressive defenders because he is a former striker. However, in Jeonbuk, he was pushed out of the competition with national team left-sided defender Kim Jin-soo. Last season, he was loaned to Incheon United, but due to injuries, he only played 10 games.

Nevertheless, Lee Ju-yong is worth using in Jeju. Except for Jung Woo-jae, it can be of considerable help to Jeju, which lacks a professional left-sided defender. Jeju requires active overlapping of defenders on both sides. When standing in the three-back position, Jung-woon, the defender, is mainly in charge of the left-centre defense, and his cover ability is excellent. In addition, Jeju’s plan is that Yeon Je-woon and Lim Chae-min can also compensate because their speed is compliant. In addition, Lee Ju-yong has a high level of kicking power with his left foot, so it is expected that he will be able to create good synergy with Yuri, who has a high RBI, newly recruited as a forward striker.

During the off-season, Jeju irregularly appointed Kim Seung-seop, a new face, and checked Jeon Seong-jin, a U-22 resource, as a left-sided defender. Ahn Tae-hyun, who ended the season early due to an injury in the first year of transfer, can also play on the left side as well as on the right side. With Lee Ju-yong, Jeju started the season with a more aggressive three-back.

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